LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 11: Paula Abdul attends 2022 Daytime Beauty Awards at Taglyan Complex on September 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Maybe it’s the actors strike, maybe it’s the economy. Or maybe it’s the results of Covid-19. But this years Rhode Island Comic Con attracted the biggest stars ever. What used to be simply a comic book convention, has now turned into a massive three day event, attracting TEN’s of THOUSANDS of fans to meet their favorite, movie, TV and even now voice-actors.

Fascination With Celebrities

Can anyone really explain the fascination with the stars? On one level, maybe we identify with the characters they play. For example, my wife Heidi says the reason she loved The Princess Bride is because it’s the closest thing to a real life fairy tale. So for her, it was a treat to meet actor Cary Elwes. Another reason is the level of performance, pressure and drive these people have. I was impressed with meeting Princess Bride and Twister star Cary Elwes, because of his body of work. He worked side by side with Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise and Mandy Patinkin, just to name a few of the iconic actors he worked with. It was fun to hear his British accent in person, which he hid well in Twister, Stranger Things and his latest BLOCKBUSTER, Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning. 

Rhode Island Comic Con

Before we give you a sneak peek of this massive event, the Rhode Island Comic Con is held each year on the first weekend of November, at the Amica Mutual Pavilion and Rhode Island Convention Center, which are connected. There is parking around the venues, and some street parking, but it would be smart to check on line ahead of time. There is ALOT of walking, and many fans attend, so prepare for that. This year they added outdoor food trucks along with the indoor concessions. They do allow backpacks for your food and drink on the go.

The Photo Ops

If you want to get professional photos, you can see all of the guests at ricc.com. You can reserve your spot and pay in advance which is what most people to. It’s a little bit of a wait in line to have them take your professional photo. BUT, once you move into the photo area, it is VERY fast. You don’t get time to talk with the celebrity you choose. Right after, you walk over the photo pickup area and your photo is waiting for you. But there is another way to grab a few precious minutes to talk to your favorite celebrity. In another part of the venue, MANY celebrities are available for autographs and selfies, which are more budget priced. Sometimes, you can get a little more time to ask them a question. In my experience, they are very engaging and are happy to be there, as you will see below! What happened with Paula Abdul was unexpected! Yes, she was there.

The Comic Cons are like year round Halloween, where many dress up as their favorite characters as you will see below. Some of these costumes are AMAZING.

So lets visit the Rhode Island Comic Con!

  • Is THAT Paula Abdul?

    Image by Jaybeau

    When I mentioned all of the amazing promotions Paula did with my stations over the years, and the love for her and music, from me and the thousands of listeners, I didn’t expect THIS kind of thank you. Or maybe she’s trying to turn me into a Lakers fan?

    Paula just announced that she is co-producing a heartwarming Broadway musical about a group of young Autistic adults as they prepare for their first formal dance. It’s called How To Dance In Ohio-The Musical. Paula is also on tour with New Kids on The Block, and will be a guest judge on Dancing With The Stars.

  • Is That The REAL Ashoka?


    Image by Jaybeau

    This Star Wars fan did an amazing job portraying Jedi Knight Ahsoka played by Rosario Dawson on the Disney + series, Ahsoka.

  • As You Wish!


    Image by Jaybeau

    Princess Bride fans will recognize Cary Elwes. He worked along side the BIGGEST stars, like Tom Cruise in the recent Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning. It was fun to hear his British accent, seeing that, in many of his movies he plays an American. He was cool to talk to. His selfie arrangement was pretty cool, because it was private and you got to talk to him.

  • The Empire Strikes Back


    Image by Jaybeau

    These two SERIOUS Star Wars fans nailed it portraying Star Wars Mandalorian and Empire characters. Where do you buy these costumes? Or maybe they are real?

  • I Feel Safe!


    Image by Jaybeau

    The planet of Mandalore shipped it’s best to Rhode Island! What a site to see: An escalator full of Mandalorian’s. 


  • C 3 P O, Do You Speak Bocce?

    C 3 po

    Image by Jaybeau

    Yes, Star Wars fans, that is the voice actor who plays the brilliant but always panicky and anxious protocol droid, C3PO, Anthony Daniels!

  • The Star You Never Knew You KNOW


    Image by Jaybeau

    This voice actor is the voice of Brainiac in the animated Superman: Red Son. He also played Koru, on Star Trek Voyager, and countless other voice over characters. He is actor, voice over talent, and songwriter, Paul Williams. You may recognize Paul from his acting days in the iconic movie, Planet of The Apes and Smokey and The Bandit. But behind the camera, Paul wrote some of the BIGGEST hits of our time, including Rainy Days And Monday’s, and We’ve Only Just Begun sung by The Carpenters. 


  • Master?


    Image by Jaybeau

    Yes, that’s Heidi with the legendary I Dream Of Jeannie star, the iconic Barbara Eden who had THE BIGGEST line of fan of ALL ages, lined up for hours to get a selfie!

  • Shannon Doherty Makes Rhode Island 90210!

    After a long weekend of fan photos, even 90210 star Shannon Doherty knows where to go in Providence for late night grub!

    The Haven Brothers!! Not exactly posh 90210! BUT, it hit’s the spot.

  • ALL The Supermans?

    Mastani ™ #SupermanAndLois on Twitter: "Fam of Steel! ✨ Thank you for all the memories & the Legacy 🙏🏻Now we need one with the Lois Lane-s! #RhodeIslandComicCon pic.twitter.com/lFhq9myAUP / Twitter"

    Fam of Steel! ✨ Thank you for all the memories & the Legacy 🙏🏻Now we need one with the Lois Lane-s! #RhodeIslandComicCon pic.twitter.com/lFhq9myAUP

    Almost all of em!!! I know two of them: Brandon Routh, and Dean Cain. 

  • I'll Be Back, For Linda Hamilton!

    Craig Semon on Twitter: "#LindaHamilton the mother of the resistance against the machines is hard to resist during her panel at #RhodeIslandComicCon #TheTerminator pic.twitter.com/hOq0OybkAZ / Twitter"

    LindaHamilton the mother of the resistance against the machines is hard to resist during her panel at #RhodeIslandComicCon #TheTerminator pic.twitter.com/hOq0OybkAZ

    That’s Terminator star Linda Hamilton looking amazing!

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