Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

With the high cost of living and inflation people are looking for a cheaper lifestyle and certainly a place where there housing is more affordable, whether you’re a renter or a buyer.

The folks at have compiled a list of the Top Small Cities in the USA 

The criteria was they had to have a population of under 100.000 and offer  vibrant art scenes, exciting dining and shopping options, near-instant access to nature for outdoor recreation and other activities to rival the metropolitan scene.

The allure of the big cities is becoming less and less for young people who used to flock to them to get their careers off the ground. Nowadays, the pinch of paying so much for rent that you don’t have enough of your paycheck left to actually enjoy big city life. Plus, a lot of companies now offer more remote work at home options than ever before, so it may not always matter where you live.

You can find them across the country from coast to coast and North and South and everywhere in between.

If you are tired of the high cost of living but still want some culture and live in a safe city there’s one for you on the list but only one New England city made the list, offering a lower cost of living and a variety of restaurants, entertainment and arts that is worthy of packing up your life and getting out of town.

The benefits of living in a small city are so numerous, you will deal with less traffic, getting reservations at a great restaurant might be easier. You might sleep better knowing you’re living in a town with less crime and you might even get to know some police officers too and not for a bad reason!


Here are the Fine Nine Top Small Cities and Towns in the USA!

  • 9. Marfa, Texas

    Marfa is a very small city with a population of just under 2000 it offers lots of artisan shops and historical architecture and a classic town square.

  • 8. Lancaster, Pa.

    Lancaster has a population of 58,000 and is the home of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, with beautiful rolling hills and a great downtown filled with restaurants and lots of history.

  • 7. Bloomington, Ind

    Bloomington has a population of 79,168 and is home to Indiana University, a classic mid-west college town with something for everyone and a dynamic and vibrant downtown

  • 6. Portland, Maine

    Portland has a population of 68,408 and offers so much for lovers of the Great State O Maine, an active art and sports scene with a huge variety of restaurants and breweries that you could go to new place everyday for an entire year without repeating, but they’re so good you will want to again and again.

  • 5. Eau Claire, Wis.

    Eau Claire has a population of 69,421 and is situated between the Eau Claire and the Chippewa Rivers and boasts quite a music and arts scene with an annual festival that draws people for all over Wisconsin, no wonder it is the second fastest growing city in the state!

  • 4. Missoula, Mont.

    Missoula has a population of 73,489 and is located in the western part of the state also known as Big Sky Country. If you’re a fan of the show Yellowstone, then this might be the place for you. The west has been tamed but, you can still get your cowboy boots and hat and find a great saloon!

  • 3. Asheville, N.C.

    Ashville has a population of 94,589 and growing rapidly, located on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains it offers a rustic yet eclectic variety of arts, food and fun. It is also a college town with a hippie vibe that is very enticing and much cooler in the summer than the rest of the state. It swells with people from May to Sept.

  • 2. Santa Fe, N.M.

    Sante Fe has a population of 87,505 and growing rapidly, and is widely considered to be one of the world’s art cities, due to it’s many galleries, but don’t move there just for that because the Mexican influenced food scene is also considered to be among the finest in the country. Sante Fe means Holy Faith in Spanish.

  • 1. Bend, Ore.

    Bend has a population of 99,178 and is the largest city on the list. it was known as a logging town because of it’s proximity to vast Oregon forests and rivers it is now known for it’s awesome outdoor life, everything from hunting and fishing to biking and jogging trails all with a small town feel that offers plenty of culture and arts. Bend is also home of the last Blockbuster store, so they like being a little quirky.

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