While we haven’t seen hardly ANY snow, you maybe surprised at who wins New England’s SNOWIEST city.

According to The Daily Almanac:

It may surprise you that the snowiest places in the United States aren’t always the coldest places. Additionally, warm, moist air must meet cold air, forcing it to lift over the frigid air mass. This is why there are often heavy snows near lakes or the “Lake Effect” snow; frigid air blows across a warm body of water. 

No Snow Record

Thanks to El Nino, we broke a record with NO snow. The experts say that El Nino is the deathblow to Winter snow around here. What IS El Nino? It’s basically a weather activity that results in warmer water, and less snow.

According to Fox Weather, the LACK of snow in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia has broken a record for the LEAST snow:

Major cities in the Northeast, like New York City and Philadelphia, have broken records regarding snowfall – but not because there’s too much of the white stuff. Instead, it’s because it has been nearly 22 months since those cities have seen an inch of snow in a single calendar day from a winter weather event. 

Boston 25’s Kevin Lemanowicz

We can’t talk about New England weather without checking in with an expert, our friend Boston 25 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz to get his comments on El Nino:

An average Boston winter over the last 30 years has had just under 50” of snow. That’s just over four feet. El Niño winters tend to have below average snowfall, less than 40”. There are exceptions, though, and even 35” would be much more than last year.  Another characteristic of El Niño years is for at least one blockbuster snowstorm.
Keep in mind, we are dealing with a different climate. As the globe warms, El Niño may not influence our weather the same way.

Kevin is right. We did get one decent storm last year.

I always wanted to buy a nice pickup truck with snow plow blade, and be a plow hero, taking care of my family and friends. But my friends that do it now are wondering why they bought their plow trucks. Last year as mentioned we had only ONE plowable snow storm, and that’s it. We only had to plow our driveway ONCE. Seeing it’s almost Christmas, will we see another rainy Winter?

New England’s SNOWIEST City?

When we DO have snow, who get’s wacked the most?

Looking at list from The Daily Almanac, I am a little surprise at one of the cities, that I am very familiar with, because I was born there. Let’s see if you can guess the snowiest in New England!

  • Mount Washington New Hampshire


    Image by Getty Images

    We got a winner! While it’s not a city, Mount Washington, New Hampshire gets the MOST SNOW.

    The weather station, located on its summit, reports the most snowfall, with 283.5 inches per year!

  • Burlington, Vermont


    Image by Getty Images

    Burlington makes the list as one of the snowiest in the nation! Not bad, seeing it’s behind:

    Mount Washington, N.H. (snowiest place, that’s not a city!)

    Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

    Syracuse, New York

    Juneau, Alaska

    Flagstaff, Arizona (What’s amazing about the snow tops of Flagstaff, 25 minutes down the road in January is 85 degree heat is Sedona!)

  • Portland, Maine


    Image by Getty Images

    Beautiful Portland near the water STILL gets more snow than most, boasting 70 inches. The afore mentioned water warms the air, making it a little LESS snowy.



    Image by Getty Images

    My hometown of Worcester gets an honorable mention due to it’s elevation and the famous SEVEN Hills. The city averages 66.8 inches of snow annually (while snowfall for Boston totals 43.8 inches).  Worcester is harder hit by Nor’easter storms and extreme blizzards as warm, humid air from the southwest collides with cool, dry air from the north. 

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