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Jaybeau Jones

We have your holiday soundtrack right here! It’s Massachusetts BEST Christmas Songs! The TOP 10!

Ok, we probably left out a few! My apologies to the North End. Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey, did not make the cut.

How Does Holiday Music Affect You?

One thing is for sure, holiday music has an affect on all of us. When we first hear it, it may create a little anxiety, reminding us of the all of the hustle and bustle, or the cost, or the travel or the family.

But for me, sometime around or after Thanksgiving, the spirit of the season hits me. The holiday hits turbo charge it.

Dad Santa

Christmas morning, I would wake up and see Santa’s boot-prints in the snow on our deck. The boot-prints looked oddly like my Dad’s duck boot-prints, but I played along.

When my kids were at the right young age of 7 and 5, I pulled the greatest Dad-Santa trick ever. Each Christmas Eve, we’d leave for Rhode Island to celebrate with family. One year, I stayed behind, saying I had to work, and I’ll be there in time for dinner.

Then, I went to work. I secretly rented a actual Santa sleigh and had it delivered right into my garage. I filled it with the toys, and wrapped it with flashing Christmas lights.  So that night when we came home from our Christmas dinner, what did eight year old Jordan, and five year old Matthew see? As the electric garage door slowly opened, they witnessed a spectacle of flashing lights, on Santa’s sleigh full of toys! As we got out of the car, the kids went running to the sleigh, to find a note from Santa:

“Jordan and Matthew, I was told you BOTH were very good this year. Please watch my sleigh for me. I’ll be back later with my reindeer to pick it up. You can have these toys now, and more are coming! Love, Santa.”

Now, Matthew who was five, was convinced that HE was the luckiest kid on the planet to get a pre-visit from Santa, himself. Jordan however, was more skeptical. It took much convincing from Matt, that yes in fact, Santa had arrived.

I don’t think they remember that magical visit, but I will never forget it.

So let’s hop on Santa’s sleigh for a holiday ride through Massachusetts BEST Christmas Songs! The TOP 10!  This list is based on the experts and listeners choice.  

While you enjoy these wonderful songs, I wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas. I am grateful, for you.

  • 10-Paul McCartney-Wonderful Christmas Time

    Critics PANNED this. Paul had the last laugh. Reports say Paul has cleared $15 million so far, since it came out November 16, 1979.

  • 9-Do They Know It's Christmas-Band Aid

    I remember the first time I heard this on the radio. I still get goosebumps.

    Bob Geldof will be known forever creating this star studded song, to raise money to stop famine in Ethiopia. He hoped to raise $70,000. He did a little better, raising $8 million. It was a holiday hit released in December 1984. Some of the biggest stars in the world sing on this, including Bono, Sting, Phil Collins, George Michael, and more.


  • 8-Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy

    Push over Gaga and Tony Bennett! These two were the FIRST odd music collaboration. David Bowie showed up to sing a holiday song with Bing Crosby on Bing’s Holiday TV special. When Bowie heard it was “Little Drummer Boy” Bowie declined saying “He hated that song.” The show’s music producers quickly acted and created a special version for Bowie, that included “Peace On Earth.” He agreed.

  • 7-Elton John-Step Into Christmas

    Not sure why it FADES UP at the beginning. But I love it.
    Elton says he created this with the full BIG Phil Spector WALL OF SOUND production style, using a process called “compression” which is basically using equipment that “squishes” recording, making it sound louder and fuller.


  • 6-Wham-Last Christmas

    There are many great versions. But this one is the original. George Michael knew how to make hits. Reportedly, George wrote this as an adult while visiting his parents, hanging out in his childhood bedroom.

  • 5-Jose Feliciano-Feliz Navidad

    It’s truly inspiring to know that one of of the biggest Christmas hits of all time, is performed from a man that was born blind at birth.

  • 4-The Eagles-Please Come Home For Christmas

    Reportedly, Don Henley changed the lyrics from the original version. The original lyrics sang, “bells will be ringing, GLAD GLAD NEWS.” Don’s changed it to “BELLS WILL BE RINGING, SAD SAD NEWS.” Reportedly he changed the words because he was alone one Christmas.

  • 3-Andy Williams-The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

    You could argue that it’s more wonderful because of this song.

  • 2-Mariah Carey-All I Want For Christmas Is You

    I remember when this came out as a NEW song in 1994. The reaction was INSTANT. It really became the HOTTEST Christmas song for many years to come.

  • 1-John Williams-Sleigh Ride

    One of the most popular original recorded versions got it’s start right here, with John Williams Boston Pops version.

    At times when the Boston Pops performs the holiday classic Sleigh Ride, the orchestra may switch it up, and create the end horse sound effect with EITHER, a trumpet, OR a violin! 


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