CARDIFF, WALES - OCTOBER 23: In this photo illustration, a basket of shopping filled with produce used in a traditional Sunday roast dinner is displayed on October 23, 2022 in Cardiff, Wales. The cost of a home-cooked Sunday roast for a family of four has reached its highest level in over a decade with inflation at 10.1%. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Well, these days almost everyone is feeling the pain while grocery shopping! Where ARE the lowest priced local supermarkets? Are you a Market Basket person? Whole Foods? Is Boston more expensive than Worcester? After taking a look, there IS a difference in price, if you dig and explore.

Quality Vs Price

Of course, quality must come first. But, maybe you choose one store for veggies, and fruit, and another for staples. Wait, what about service? There is nothing more frustrating than a store employee that really doesn’t know his/her own store. But, lately I’m happy to say that doesn’t happen as much anymore.

Today Vs 2000

When I was younger, and single, I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention to grocery store prices. These days, I focus MUCH more. Plus I don’t eat out during the week. You’d be shocked at how much you save when you eat at home.


You can SAVE a ton of money if you take a little extra time to explore and compare prices. For example, I LOVE coffee using the Keurig. By comparing prices, I found basically the same tasting great coffee for HALF the price. One store has 12 for $7.99. Another for basically the same, but generic store brand is $3.99! Add to that I love using Stevia, instead of Splenda or sugar. A package of Splenda Stevia is $4.99. At my store it’s TWO BUCKS!!!! By exploring and comparing, I have simply found that there is more money in my bank account each month, by deploying a little more effort.

So, here we go! Let’s go find the lowest priced local supermarkets!

According to a study of the local stores, here’s their list of what stores save us more/less at the end of the year. Now below, you’ll see some savings lower than others. Some of the familiar names below, specialize in produce, or meats, or service, and other things we like that may affect the savings. For example, we may pay more for produce, right?  But, hey, we all have a preference. So after seeing the savings below, take a deeper dive into 

You may find that you are already a shopping expert!!

  • Price Rite

    We’ll spend $2600 LESS

  • Walmart

    We’ll spend $2470 LESS

  • Market Basket

    We’ll spend $2340 LESS

  • Hannaford

    We’ll spend $1430 LESS

  • Target

    We’ll spend $1040 LESS

  • BIG Y

    We’ll spend $260 LESS

  • Stop & Shop

    We’ll spend $0 LESS

  • Shaws

    We’ll spend $650 MORE

  • Star Market

    We’ll spend $1170 MORE

  • Roche Brothers

    We’ll spend $1430 MORE

  • Wegmans

    We’ll spend $1560 MORE

  • Whole Foods

    We’ll spend $1690 MORE

  • Donelan's

    We’ll spend $1950 MORE

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