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Jaybeau Jones

Jaybeau Jones

TORONTO, ONTARIO - JUNE 23: Vanilla Ice attends the Joyburst Summer Launch Party at Rebel Nightclub on June 23, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Ryan Emberley/Getty Images for Joyburst)

Last Sunday, THOUSANDS raised the roof at the BIG E’s I Love The 90s Tour! 

After a weeks worth of rain, a record breaking 150,000 + migrated to Springfield, Massachusetts for the final day of the annual event. While the cream puffs rule as #1, coming at a close second was another kind of of vanilla. It was Vanilla Ice on stage at the Big E area. What happened next was jaw dropping.

Thank You Security!

First, we must address this: Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Winkle) has MORE energy and stamina NOW, than his 20’s something version when he broke in the 90’s with his break through smash Ice Ice Baby. He’s FIFTY SIX! Yet, he out ran and out sang his much younger band and stage crew. It’s obvious that he still loves what he does. Even more evident, he adores his fans. Let me prove it.

One of Vanilla Ice’s signature moves, is always a spectacle to witness. Right around his third or fourth song, he welcomes THE AUDIENCE up ON STAGE! We were watching from the side of the stage as this happens. Insert FIVE T-shirt security experts to open the side gate where FIFTY excited fans run on stage!

Right at the perfect moment, EARLY in to his hour long set, he SCREAMS ICE ICE BABY!!!!! 

The ENTIRE venue ERUPTS, with 2000+ in front of the stage and FIFTY ON the stage, experiencing the moment they were waiting for! As if thousands were connected as ONE, we all began dancing, singing and RAPPIN to Ice Ice Baby!! 

Thanks to the amazing security team, what should have been a news story on Boston 25, inches from chaos, the only bad thing that happened was, the fun had to end on cue, and the rest of the amazing concert continued. What seemed like chaos, was controlled, show business. It was flawless, and amazing to watch.

I Love The 90s Tour

Opening up for Vanilla Ice, was Rob Base, Montel Jordan and Bone Thugs and Harmony who all raised the roof and rocked the house. (That means they sounded amazing.) The trip back to the decade of Beevis and Butthead and Southpark, was topped off with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dancing on stage with excited fans.

The Highlight Of The Night

My wife Heidi is a 90’s baby, who loves Ice Ice Baby. She knows every word, and would sing it to her Dad in the final days of his life in the hospital. Her Dad was blown away that she knew every word of the hit. Well he passed away in 2021. But, he was remembered back stage Sunday night when Heidi got to recreate that wonderful time by singing Ice Ice Baby with Vanilla Ice himself! He was so generous with his time, when he heard that story about Heidi’s Dad, he gladly sang it on video with Heidi. She will never forget it. (I’m trying to get her to let me post it!)

The tickets were very reasonably priced. Ice was SO cool to all of his fans. It’s easy to see while he still can pull massive crowds.

One thing is for sure: the 90’s are still loved.

As far as Heidi’s amazing Ice Ice Baby video with Vanilla Ice, she won’t let me share it, because it’s a private moment.

I may need to put her Under Pressure.  See some of the fun below!

  • Big E At Night!

    Big E Ferris Wheel

    Image by Jaybeau

    What a view to see the Big E at night from high atop that wheel!


  • This Is How Montel Does It!

    Image by Jaybeau

    On stage view of Montel Jordan singing This Is How We Do It!

  • Montel Jordan and Jaybeau


    Image by Jaybeau

    Montel looks more like a Patriots player! He’s a tall dude!!!


  • Rob Base!

    Rob Base

    Image by Jaybeau

    I think I need a cool cap to pose with the coolest, Rob Base!!! 

  • Bone Thugs and Harmony!

    Bone Thugs and Harmony!

    Image by Jaybeau

    This is Flesh-n-Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony, right before he took the stage.

  • Right Off The Stage!


    Image by Jaybeau

    Heidi snapped this pic with Flesh-n-Bone RIGHT after he got off stage!!

  • Turtle Power

    Teenage Mutant

    Image by Jaybeau

    We were safe all night thanks to Turtle security


  • Ice Ice Baby!!

    Vanilla Ice!

    Image by Jaybeau

    Right after FIFTY people were allowed ON STAGE to sing Ice Ice Baby!!


  • Happy Moment!

    Ice !

    Image by Heidi

    Right after Heidi got to sing Ice Ice Baby, backstage!


  • Nice Ice!


    Image by Heidi

    Think that chain would look good on me? I could use a new look.


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