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It says here on my calendar that July 19 is National Hot Dog Day. So what better day to celebrate the beloved Fenway Frank?


I have to say, though: we’re a week late. I understand why the powers that be choose to celebrate National Hot Dog Day in July. July is prime-time grilling season from coast to coast. But if they’d move it back a week, we’d get 7/11 back-to-back with National Hot Dog Day. Imagine how many Big Bites 7-Eleven would sell? Apologies. I still have 7-Eleven snacks on the brain from last week.


Enough with the Big Bite. Let’s turn our attention to the Fenway Frank. I remember my first trip to Fenway Park as a kid like it was yesterday. But I don’t remember having a Frank. That’s because I was a picky eater when I was a kid and didn’t like hot dogs. Boy, was I missing out. Years later, when I finally had that first dog at the ballpark, I regretted not having experienced it earlier.


Fenway Frank Tops List of MLB Stadium Hot Dogs

I am not alone in this sentiment. In anticipation of National Hot Dog Day, Rotowire shared a neat piece last week. The called it The Top 5 ‘Bun-tastic’ Hot Dogs in Major League Baseball Stadiums, which is a great title. As advertised, it runs down the best bun-fillers available in MLB stadiums nationwide. And as expected, our hometown hot dog is the top dog on the list.


No metrics or research here. Just the steaming hot dog passion of author BJ Courchaine. You can read the full piece to get his descriptions and takes. You can get my takes on the Top 5 if you keep scrolling. And I’ll tell you straightaway: of the five stadiums featured, it’s Milwaukee I’m most keen on visiting for a hot dog and a cold one.

  • Fenway Park

    It tracks that America’s Most Beloved Ball Park would feature our most beloved hot dog. Sure, you can get them in your grocery. But there’s nothing like having one at the old ballyard.

  • Citi Field

    The Mets stink. Glorified expansion team. Cursed franchise. But they serve a Shake Shack hot dog on a potato bun at their ballpark, so I guess they’re somewhat redeemable. Wonder how many Joey would take down in 10 minutes?


  • SunTrust Park

    SunTrust Park is the home of your 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves. They serve the T.E.D. That stands for The Everything Dog. It’s so smothered with toppings you could call it a sandwich.


  • Dodger Stadium

    Real Red Sox heads also love the Dodgers, because so many of our favorite ex-players seem to end up in L.A. If you’re out that way at Dodger Stadium, know this: they steam their buns. Delectable.

  • Miller Park

    The home of the Brewers offers you The Beast. It’s a hot dog wrapped in bacon, served in a pretzel bun. Yes, please.

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