Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

You know Jon Taffer from the long running reality series Bar Rescue, so when he lays out the 7 Warning Signs that a bar is trash and not worth your time or money, you should probably listen.

Taffer has nearly 40 years experience in the hospitality, entertainment and nightlife industries. Of course he is best known as executive producer and star of Paramount Network’s Bar Rescue a show that spotlights Jon as he saves failing bars from their looming closure (now in it’s eighth season).

Taffer follows his own advice too

He owns three restaurants or “Taffer’s Taverns”. one right here in Massachusetts in Watertown, another in Atlanta and the other in Las Vegas.

So far, he has rescued over 200 bars across the United States. While over 100 of them have remained afloat, 99 have shut their doors. That is an average success rate of 50%, which may not sound great, you have to consider that almost all of them would have certainly close had Jon not come to the rescue to keep them open and give them a fighting chance to succeed.

What happens after he leaves is entirely up to the bar. Do they continue to heed his advice or do they go back to their old ways and end up shuttering their saloon doors? The ones that do succeed fully embrace Jon’s advice and changes and continue to thrive.


Jon Taffer stopped by The Bob and LBF show on Boston’s 105.7 WROR

We asked Jon Taffer to give us his 7 Warning Signs that you should turn around and leave

Most of the red flag that you will notice might not be any you would have noticed before or perhaps you did notice them waving but looked the other way or chose to ignore them. After speaking with Jon Taffer, I will now keep my eyes peeled for these sure fire signs that we are going to be turning around and going home.

Here Are The 7 Red Flag Warning Signs That You Need To Turn Around And Go Home!

  • Dirty Front Door

    Jon says take a look at the front door for signs that it is not clean, is the entryway well kept and swept clean? Are there cigarette butts stubbed out on the ground? Is the door clean, including the window and door handle? If not, turn around and find another place to go.

    front door

    A classic American diner

  • How Does The Bar Smell?

    Jon Taffer says as soon as you enter the establishment take a deep breath and see how the bar smells? Does it smell stale and or sour? If so, you know for sure that it is not clean anywhere else.

  • Music

    If you walk in and here music playing, make sure it’s what you want to hear. Does it match your tastes? Is it  too loud and will make it hard to hear your company? If so, this bar isn’t for you.


  • Salt And Pepper Shaker Test

    When you get to your table or the bar, check out the salt and pepper shakers, if they’re dirty and greasy and not being cleaned regularly, then you know they are not paying attention to the details and what else is not being cleaned?

    s and p shaker

    (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

  • Table and Chair Check

    If you notice that the table or chair (also high tops) are not clean and the floor around them isn’t swept or unkempt, you will have a pretty good idea how unclean the kitchen is.

    The Green Dragon Tavern

  • Back Bar Organization

    Take a look at the back bar, is neat and orderly with a nice looking display? Are all the bottles and glasses displayed in a clean and organized fashion or is everything helter skelter without any thought as to what goes where? The better the back bar looks, the better the bar will be.

    1800 Tequila Holiday Dinner With Designer & Curator Greg Yuna

    (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for 1800 Tequila)

  • Employees

    Finally take a look at the employees, are they clean looking? Well put together or do they appear less than tidy and clean? Jon says. “would you want them in your home”, if the answer is no, then it’s time to go.


    Portrait Of Waitress Holding Menus Serving In Busy Bar Restaurant

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