Over the past six months, whether I am driving my kids to a sports practice, school, or camp, I often get the same question in the car. “Dad, can we get a PRIME to bring?” They’re referring, of course, to the popular hydration drink. Here, I will detail the three places in Massachusetts that have been my go-to stops to find the PRIME hydration drink, which is surprisingly (and frustratingly) difficult to find.

Why? You may ask. That is a fair question. The answer is that in my rookie “Sure, you can get a PRIME” days, I often left the store I went to empty-handed. They either never carried it or sold out in minutes. A PRIME scavenger hunt became a “thing.”

I realized that having the PRIME bottle was more important to these active youth groups than actually drinking the drink. This sparked my curiosity. I was impressed by how much kids knew about the origins of PRIME and how it came to be. I did some digging to learn a bit more about this phenomenon.

Interesting, But Remind Me Again, What Is PRIME?

In short, a hydration drink created by Logan Paul and KSI.  It was introduced last year. They also have a PRIME energy drink, but that is not applicable here. Yes, I was naïve to PRIME at first, but know well enough to steer kids away from the major caffeine coolers. Currently, PRIME is distributed by Congo Brands. As BevNet points out, “The drinks are 10% coconut water and contain B vitamins, antioxidants, zero added sugar.”

Due in-part to the massive influencer following of Logan Paul and KSI (over 40 million followers), the drink quickly caught on in the sports world. As result, PRIME has become the official drink of FC Bayern Munich, in addition to being partners with Arsenal and UFC. Furthermore, they were the “first creator-led brand” to appear in Super Bowl commercial this past February.

There are currently nine flavor options in the U.S. market.

Distribution Partners

Large retailers such Kroger, Walmart, Target, and Amazon are distribution partners of Congo Brands. Furthermore, PRIME secured shelf space at 7-Eleven. I learned all of this the hard way after many failed attempts at finding any PRIME bottle available to purchase. Here, however, are the three reliable places in Massachusetts that I find consistently carry PRIME hydration.

PRIME also now lists on their website where you should be able to find their hydration drink.

  • GNC

    GNC was one of the first retail partners to carry PRIME, dating back to January of 2022. While they were not always cold, the two local GNC stores in my area often carried Orange or Fruit Punch prime. In addition, the managers always offered the scoop on when they would be expecting more, including new flavors like Lemonade.


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  • 7-Eleven

    This is currently my go-to place. 7-Eleven tends too have PRIME available. There is a fun element of surprise with PRIME where you do not know what flavors will be in stock. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why, but somedays I’ll walk into 7-Eleven and they will have three different flavors. Other days they will only have grape.


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  • The Local Bodega

    The third and final place (and my favorite) is my local bodega. This is where genius marketing minds collide. One of my kids’ favorite PRIME flavors is appropriately called “Ice Pop.” It looks just like it sounds in a red, white, and blue bottle. Our local bodega is situated in a corner of town where kids can easily ride their bikes there to grab, well, an ice pop. Privately owned bodega shops do have access to order PRIME product. For me, when our spot has them in stock you can expect to see a parking lot full of bikes outside.


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