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Is This The Best Bruce Springsteen Song Of All Time?

The “Boss” has been busy!   The “Boss” has released 21 studio albums in his six decades long career. Choosing his best should seem like a daunting task, but for me and lots of music critics it really isn’t. So, is this Bruce Springsteen’s best song ever? Let me make the case for it Where to begin? Bruce Springsteen has been releasing albums since 1973's Greetings From Asbury Park. He was only 23 years old and he was creating music that we are still hearing every day.  Songs like, Blinded By The Light, Spirit in The Night and Growin’ Up. After releasing his first album for Columbia records, he did not become the breakout star that the labels play A&R people thought he would be. His talent was obvious and immense and so was his work ethic. The Wild, The Innocent Bruce Springsteen‘s second album came out later in 1973 entitled the Wild The innocent and The E St. shuffle. It has many memorable songs on it including familiar songs like Rosalita, New York serenade, and of course the East St. Shuffle. None of these songs made it as singles and his frustration must’ve been growing, however his audience and his following started to grow nationwide. 1975  a rock star is born Amazingly, in 1975 both Time and Newsweek magazine’s came out with Bruce Springsteen on the cover. Newsweek titled “The Making of a Rockstar“ and for many people it was the first introduction to this future megastar. Time magazine cover said Bruce Springsteen “Rock's New Sensation“. This hasn’t happened since the Beatles and probably never again afterwards. You have to wonder what was the compelling reason that both of these national magazines dedicated their covers to a relatively unknown performer Off and running Of course the album that both magazines were smitten with was Born To Run. This was the first time Bruce Springsteen became a household name and not just because of his musical talent but some folks were doubtful because of all the hype. If anyone has ever lived up to the hype, it’s Bruce Springsteen The album featured incredible songs that are still the heavy weight songs in his catalog. Songs like 10th Ave. Freeze Out, the epic Jungle Land, the anthem Thunder Road, Backstreets and the title track Born To Run. Born to run is number one This of course is the song that Bruce finally made it on to national playlists with and began his run as the number one individual rock star. When you do internet search is about the best song he has ever recorded or released nine out of 10 critics will say born to run is the one. And for good reason, it was so different from anything on the radio at the time. Springsteen‘s voice is genuine and unpolished, the incredible saxophone of the late Clarence Clemons and the guitar work of Steven Van Zandt. The lyrics seem to come from his heart as he was a young man on the run from his mundane life and his overwhelming desire to leave the “Swamps of Jersey” Not an easy task If you go to a Bruce Springsteen concert during his latest tour, you’ll undoubtedly hear born to run because any Bruce Springsteen concert without it seems incomplete. The song can still be heard by classic rock stations every day around the world. It sounds just as fresh today as it did back in 1975. You may not agree with this ranking, but I’m sure any Springsteen fan will rank it in the top five at the very least