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It's a bubble of smoke!

So, while Lucy lapped up all the ice cream a kid could wish for on the Disney Wish, Dave and I hit the on-board bar scene. Disney Cruises do not disappoint!

We started at The Cove – an 18-plus spot where you can sit and sip in comfy lounge chairs or in an infinity pool.

My FAVORITE bar was Nightingale’s – a piano lounge inspired by Cinderella singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale” while cleaning the steps in the original movie.  If you remember, the scene features bubbles, and that’s the theme here – bubble chandeliers and bubble drinks that, when you pop them, release a smoky plume! The entertainment here is top-notch and of course I stayed for the show tunes!

The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is like walking into the cantina in Tatooine. You can order the most expensive drink in the galaxy –  a $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal cocktail with mysterious ingredients. But I checked my bank account and went back to earth.

The Disney Wish definitely caters to cocktail aficionados. Real Housewives fans will appreciate the Vanderpump Rose’ – Disney owns Bravo, so it’s a natural fit. And if you want just a classic martini, they make it perfectly.