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Motley Crue has had an interesting past couple of years which saw them reunite and announce a massive tour. However, all of the events of the past two years, including the band’s reunion, were never planned out, especially after their now infamous “cessation of touring” agreement.

Nikki Sixx elaborated on the current state of the Crue in a new interview and mentioned, “It was pretty interesting. We knocked it on the head because we felt like we had said everything we wanted to say. We felt that we were young enough where we had time left on the clock to do other stuff. And I think it ended in a really good way. We never intended on getting back together.”

The biggest catalyst of the Crue reunion was the release of their Netflix biopic The Dirt, how the film was so well-received and how it got them back in the studio together.

Sixx said, “…We always knew we were gonna do the movie. And then getting in a studio and making music was, like, ‘That was fun.’ I was, like, ‘Yeah, we’ll do some songs for the movie.’ And we got the movie. ‘It’s been great.’ High five. ‘Tommy [Lee], call me for sushi.’ And it started. It just started rolling and rolling. Now there’s, like, 83 or 84 million people who’ve seen the movie, and the phone calls started coming in from around the world.”

While the calls began to come in, there was the whole “cessation of touring” agreement to contend with. Sixx addressed that saying, “We owed it to ourselves to have that conversation, ’cause if three of us were, like, ‘Let’s go do it’ and the fourth was not, that’s what the contract was about…So it was an exciting time, something to celebrate. And if there was any hem and hawing, it was around the idea of going and doing arenas. We’ve done arenas, we’ve done festivals. We just felt like it isn’t gonna get any bigger than how we ended it. And then came the, ‘No, no. They wanna do stadiums.’ And we were, like, ‘Ah, well, that’s a little different conversation.'”

Of course, the Crue have yet to take on those stadium crowds thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Sixx is optimistic about the tour with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts finally happening in the summer of 2022.

“I’ve heard omicron [the latest new strain of COVID-19] is a lot more contagious but it’s also a weaker strain so that if people do get it, it’s more like a headache or a stomach for a day, especially for vaccinated people,” said Sixx. “So there’s some talk about that’s a positive; it’s weakening. So we’re keeping our eye on all the information out there. And how do we get a stadium tour to Europe, how do we get it to Japan. There needs to be the right safety protocols.”

As of publishing, “The Stadium Tour” is currently slated to kick off on June 16 in Atlanta. Complete details can be found at

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