Wicked Spring Guide

Fields Corner, the largest neighborhood in the district of Dorchester has grown to offer a variety of culinary flavors, and when Chef and Owner Anthony Caldwell, wanted to open up his own restaurant, he decided to open 50Kitchen in the same community where he grew up.

50Kitchen features a fusion of American Southern and Asian flavors, that are sure to tickle all your senses.

Caldwell wanted to create a sense of power and cultural diversity to the community of Dorchester, by creating food that came from his heart and soul.

Whether you are ordering the Chicken & Waffles, Jambalaya Egg Rolls or the Honey Friend Cornbread, you are guaranteed to leave 50Kitchen happy and full.

50Kitchen offers both dine in and take out options Wednesday through Saturday. For more information on 50Kitchen or to make reservations, click here.

50Kitchen : 1450 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA, 02122 : 617-474-2433