Many people swear by natural remedies to rid themselves of sickness, but this might be the strangest one yet. A woman and her child drank their own urine for four days after being told it cures COVID-19.

MSN reports that a London mother “drank the urine, which contains high concentrations of toxins, for four days, adding that she did not trust the coronavirus vaccine and preferred to rely on ‘traditional cures.'”

They add that the woman received misleading advice in videos she had received via WhatsApp.

The City of Westminster council has done a lot of research involving the alternative information shared via the platform. They state, “This information often suggests false, alternative treatments which have no scientific and empirical background.”

After conducting research, Healthwatch Central West London found that there are stigmas associated with contracting the virus in some communities. There is also a lack of trust in ‘official’ channels of information.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. As MSN points out, they cannot block content on a platform-wise basis. However, they can enforce policies, prevent abuse, and tackle fake accounts.

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