When Nintendo surprised everyone with the announcement of a July Nintendo Direct Mini mere hours before it premiered, every rational gaming fan would probably assume it probably wasn’t going to be filled with heavy hitters, especially since the Japanese company explicitly stated it was a showcase focusing on third party titles and most importantly, “previously-announced Nintendo Switch games.”



Chinese esports organization Newbee has been accused of stealing over $100,000 of prize money from its Fortnite World Cup players, the San Francisco Shock sign the first Japanese player in the entire history of the Overwatch League, and the Nintendo Mini Direct earlier this week now sits at almost 70,000 dislikes because Nintendo fans just love disappointing themselves.

July Nintendo Direct Mini Fan Reaction

Gosh dang it Nintendo fans, and that includes myself, why do you consistently love getting upset at things that weren’t promised? The Direct was obviously not going to be a marquee tent pole event. The hope that so many Nintendo fans are clinging to at the moment is that without an eventful Direct in months and no hope for specific upcoming games throughout the rest of the calendar year, our little Nintendo hearts are desperate for a new Zelda, Mario, or Metroid title announcement. But when that didn’t happen, the jilted Nintendo fans came for blood.

After thoroughly destroying the Pokemon Unite reveal, with that video at almost 200,000 dislikes, it was because most of the fans speculated that the plushies behind CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara hinted at a Let’s Go Johto! remake was in the works. Wrong, nerds. And then they got upset.

And that brings us to the eight-minute presentation (for Western Markets at least) that dropped on Monday. It wasn’t mind-blowing. I didn’t LOVE it. But the fact that the latest direct now sits at almost 70,000 dislikes because a new Breath of the Wild 2 wasn’t announced is wild.

Yes, the Switch has had a dominating come back after the disgrace that was the Wii U, between Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Oddysee, Smash Brothers Ultimate, Pokemon Let’s Go, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s and then… nothing. It’s understandable to be disappointed that there is no current destination for the hype train. But Nintendo fanboys, you’ve gotta get in check. You guys look crazy out here.


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