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On this, the one year anniversary of Tom Petty‘s passing, I thought you might like to read a recent interview with Heartbreaker (now Fleetwood Mac?!) guitarist Mike Campbell.

…It’s not until he thinks back to a brief encounter after that Hollywood Bowl show — the final time he spoke with Petty — that the eyes behind Campbell’s purple Lennon sunglasses well up with tears. “We said that we loved each other,” he says, wiping the moisture off his face. “Sorry I’m crying. It’s going to take me a while, but I’m at peace with the way we left things.”

Mike Campbell's Life After Heartbreak

A year after losing Tom Petty, his best friend, Mike Campbell is moving on with a new band: Fleetwood Mac

I’m not sure Mike realizes what a great player he is. Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs tribute to Tom Petty:

Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs tribute to Tom Petty

Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs play Something Good Coming and Running Down A Dream in honor of Tom Petty. SoHo Santa Barbara, 3/31/2018

The last Tom Petty Heartbreakers introduction 9/25/17:

Tom Petty's Last Concert- Intro of Band Great Comments "Song" #8.5

This great intro happened after the #8 song and before the #9 song of Tom Petty's last concert at The Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 25, 2017. He has great comments about when he went to meet Mike Campbell and had to give the driver two joints to take him there.