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There's Now A Way To Track Your Amazon Packages In Real Time

Calling all Amazon customers: You can now track your package in real time using Amazon's map tracking.

This is exciting news for customers when their package is being delivered by a designated Amazon driver.

The feature can locate your package on the map, and it even tells you how many stops the driver has before your package will be delivered.

To find this new feature, head to settings in your account and select the item you're expecting.

If the item is being delivered by Amazon, the map tracker will show up and will give you detailed information about the status of your package's location.

Unfortunately, the tracker is only available for items being shipped by Amazon directly.

If your package is being shipped via another shipping service, you will only see the day and the time your package will arrive by.

Here's what the map tracker looks like:

J. Austyn Belanger on Twitter

Hey @amazon thanks for the same day delivery for insanely inexpensive cost! Plus the feature where it shows where the Amazon delivery person is on a map and how many parcels they're delivering before yours is a godsend and so nice to have in the Bay Area! You rock! ❤️????????

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