And when I say first time rider, I mean first time EVER on a road bike …just 2.5 months before I will (hopefully) ride 163 miles over two days! 

The above photos were taken a few days after I “committed” to riding this year’s Pan-Mass Challenge. See the bike tag? My daughter Jersey is a PMC Kids Ride veteran!

As I write this my stomach turns, I’m nervous! But I am more grateful for the opportunity to be part of something that IS making a difference in the fight against cancer. Since its beginning in 1980, the PMC has raised and donated $598,000,000 to fund life-saving cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

I have decided to share my experience with the hopes that you too might want to get involved with the PMC 🙂

Why am I riding? For many reasons that I will continue to share via this blog, but today I ride because all of us at 105.7 WROR feel blessed and honored to have been a Pan-Mass Challenge partner over the last 3 years. The amazing positive energy of PMC staff, riders, volunteers, sponsors, pedal partners, and all their families and friends at the many events leading up to and during ride weekend is contagious. You just want to do more. Be better. This year, as in years past, I will continue to do my best from my desk… spreading the good PMC word, BUT this year I RIDE! I’m going full experience (and I’m still nervous!).


— Updated 5/21/18

Well, I picked up this beauty and everything else to get me on the road, including shoes I’m petrified to “clip in” and special pedals so I don’t have to until I’m ready…

I imagine I look as comfortable as Brand on a banana seat and feel seasoned riders will keep a safe distance from me once I venture out of the comfort of my neighborhood.

The Goonies - "Brand Steals Little Girls Bike - Classic 80's Scenes (1985)

CLIP SUMMARY: After being tied to a chair by his brother and his friends, Brand (Josh Brolin) escapes to find his new tires have had the air let out, so he proceeds to take a bike from a little girl.

I did it. I signed up. Stay tuned! -Jamie

Jamie Martel is the WROR Marketing Director. Married to a man we all know and love as Dirt (don’t ask) and owns two little kids who are awesome most of the time. As you can see above, she can basically relate everything in life back to The Goonies. Want to do something really nice? Sponsor her 2018 PMC ride- Thank you.