No clothes, no problem at all 12 beaches on this list! As someone who feels self-conscious taking even just my shirt off at the beach, I personally won’t be saving this article to my favorites for future reference but hey, if it’s your cup of tea – more power to ya! sent their staff nudist (just guessing there) to nude beaches across the country to determine the au natural 12 best… and here they are! No clothes required at these 12 beaches but bring extra sun block. And one of them is right here in Massachusetts! Eyes up here!!!

And what goes better with naked bodies than comfort foods?!? (Note sarcasm.) Can you guess Massachusetts’ favorite comfort food? Think about it while you peruse the nude beaches below then come back and CLICK HERE to find out if your guess is correct!

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #12

    UFO Beach
    South Padre Island, Texas

    The beach is called UFO Beach and it’s a nude beach?!? No thanks. I feel like that’s just daring the probes…

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #11

    Kauapea Beach
    Kalihiwai, Hawaii

    Locals call this “Secret Beach.” It’s not officially a nude beach but it’s so remote that authorities are like, “eh, have fun!”

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #10

    Hippie Hollow
    Austin, Texas

    30 minutes from downtown Austin, I’ve heard that this is way more than just a nude beach. It’s an entire nude entertainment area. Sounds like a whole lotta nude.

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #9

    Playalinda Beach
    Orlando, Florida

    I bet Donald Duck comes here all the time. It’s in Orlando…. he never wears pants……

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #8

    Black’s Beach
    La Jolla, California

    Minutes from San Diego, you’ll have to park then hike rugged terrain to get to this gem of a nude beach. Rugged terrain and nudity doesn’t sound like a comfy marriage to me but the beach is breathtaking.

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #7

    Moshup Beach
    Aquinna, Massachusetts

    Best sunset spot on Martha’s Vineyard…. nude. Also known for it’s gorgeous terracotta-coloured clay cliffs!

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #6

    Collins Beach
    Portland, Oregon

    This beach isn’t actually an ocean beach. It’s located on the Columbia River – but the sand is beautiful and you’re only a 30 minute drive from downtown Portland. Just remember to put your clothes on before going downtown.

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #5

    Kehena Beach
    Pāhoa, Hawaii

    This is a cool black volcanic sand beach. It’s also known as “Dolphin Beach” because of the abundance of dolphin visitors, who are just as nekkid as you!

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #4

    Gunnison Beach
    Highlands, New Jersey

    What a fancy nude beach! It features restrooms, showers and shops where you can buy or rent beach gear and water sports equipment.

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #3

    Baker Beach
    San Fransisco, California

    The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from this beach is insanely cool. You’ll watch thousands of people drive over it while you’re sunbathing at the beach. I wonder how many of those people going over the bridge know there’s hundreds of naked people looking at them.

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #2

    Little Beach
    Maui, Hawaii

    Little Beach is surrounded by a volcanic cinder cone and ancient lava flows. As a New Englander who has yet to make it to Hawaii and got a C- in Earth Science, I don’t know what those things mean but I have it on good word that they are truly special and really beautiful.

  • Best Nude Beaches in America - #1

    Haulover Beach Park
    Miami Beach, Florida

    1.3 million visitors hit Haulover Beach Park every year making it one of the most popular nude beaches in the US. It’s also one of the most stunning and they celebrate National Nude Recreation Week every year with all sorts of clothing-optional events.

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