The sign for the Del's Frozen Lemonade location on Massachusetts Ave. in Arlington, MA.

I thought you could only get Del’s Frozen Lemonade in Rhode Island. Turns out there’s a few Del’s locations in Massachusetts.


Here’s the funny thing. When you visit the Del’s website, the first thing you see is the Del’s logo and, in all caps: STOP AT THE SIGN OF THE LEMON. And that’s exactly what I did. I was taking an alternate route home from work earlier this summer to avoid traffic. Said alternate route took me down Mass. Ave. in Arlington. That’s where I saw the sign of the lemon.


Here’s another funny thing. Before pulling over and parking on a side street so I could run across Mass. Ave. and grab a frozen lemonade and a small popcorn, I had never in my life had a Del’s. I knew of the storied history of the beloved Rhode Island item only through Narragansett’s Del’s Shandy, which is a favorite summer beer of mine.


Having the genuine article for the first time was even better than quaffing a pint of the Del’s-inspired beer on a hot summer day. It was beyond refreshing, with it’s slushy consistency and bits of frozen lemon pulp dancing across my tongue as spooned and slurped with my straw. And you know how you get that melted bit at the end of a slush or a Slurpee? With a Del’s, you’re getting lemonade. Divine.


Here’s a List of Del’s Locations in Massachusetts

Apologies if this isn’t news to you, but since it’s news to me, I’m guessing there are more people that need to get wised up. I’ve laid out the spots in Massachusetts where you can get a Del’s Frozen Lemonade and all the other goodies they sell at Del’s stands. As summer wanes, don’t let it fade away fully without making a refreshing trip.

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