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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 20: Keanu Reeves attends “John Wick: Chapter 4” Los Angeles Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 20, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Lionsgate)

9 lies Hollywood tells us


You mean to tell me that you can’t believe everything you see in movies? We have all seen movies where some of these 9 lies Hollywood  tells us can happen.
When you go to an action packed movie, you take it all with a grain of salt, make that a lot of grains of salt! Of course there’s a Superman that wears a flashy red cape and can soar higher than a skyscraper and is stronger than a locomotive.

It’s the little lies

It’s not the big lies they tell us, it’s the small ones that we have seen so many times in movies that we take for granted that they’re true. So much so that you might have to start taking nothing you see at the theaters for fact.  It’s hard enough to believe that Kevin James will always be married to a super model and that an intern can afford a luxury apartment in New York City, but we take these to be part of the movie making process.

Nicolas Cage And John Travolta In 'Face Off'

(Photo By Getty Images)

Face Off!

One of the craziest,  most unbelievable plots in movie history is the outrageously untrue “Face Off” with John Travolta and Nick Cage. The concept was that they  switched faces with each other and you were asked to believe that it was plausible. Forget that John Travolta was taller and thicker than Nick Cage and they never changed their distinctive voices. We played along, because we knew it was so absurd that you could only let it play out and enjoy the rest of the movie.

What to believe?

The folks at Mentalfloss have put together a list of the lies that movies tell us so often that we actually think they’re true. Everything from how to take down your opponent with a hand kerchief to using a silencer on the end of your 9 millimeter. Are you really allowed just one phone call from jail?  Is there sound in space?  Let’s answer these questions for once and for all!

  • 1. A T- Rex can't see things that aren't moving

    Sorry “Jurassic Park”, but this dinosaur could still see you. According to a study, its vision is 13 times better than a human’s. I mean, look at the huge eyes on those thing! They could see it all, so you better run!

  • 2. You can walk away from an explosion

    Can you walk away from an explosion without being knocked over? Nope! You’ve seen it in lots of action movies.  For this to be possible, you’d have to defy physics. They have to do this or there would never be sequels because the leading man would be dead as soon as the first explosion goes off or at least very woozy!

  • 3. There's sound in space

    Battles in “Star Wars” are pretty loud, but in reality, sound (as we know it) doesn’t exist in space. We know they have to make sounds because a “silent space movie” would just be creepy. We will let this one slide for the sake of show biz.

  • 4. Chloroform works immediately

     You have seen this so many times when someone whips out the hand kerchief laced with chloroform to make people unconscious:  It actually takes two to five minutes to work IF there’s an unusually high dosage used. They speed up the process to keep the plot moving, otherwise it would really slow things down.

  • 5. Gun silencers are silent

    Gun silencers only suppress the sound of gunfire, not get rid of it completely like you’ve seen in “John Wick”. They have been used in movies for years going all the way back to James Bond, if you’re thinking that nobody will hear the gunshot with a silencer, you’re dead wrong.

  • 6. You get one phone call

    We have seen this in movies going all they way back to any crime movie from the time of “talkies”. Most people that are asked or heaven forbid going to jail, think they only have one call to make so choose wisely. The good news is this is not true because laws about making phone calls vary by state.

  • 7. We only use 10% of our brains

    Another myth we have been told since elementary school to get us thinking more but yet again this one is not true either.  So sorry “Limitless”, a person using only 10% of their brain is a myth.

  • 8. You can't file a "missing persons" report for 24 hours

    In all of the kidnapping movie plots we are told by the police that you can’t report a missing person until they have been missing for quite some time:  This is false.  There’s no waiting period before you can report a person is missing. So, if you suspect foul play, don’t wait!

  • 9. You can suck venom out of a snake bite

    How many movies have we seen where one of the poor dumb luck characters gets bitten by a poisoness snake and their partner has to quickly suck out the venom ore else? There’s a risk of infection and it can enter your bloodstream if there’s an open wound in your mouth.  Besides, venom moves too fast for any suction tactic to make a difference.

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