Staycations are a popular budget-friendly take on the traditional vacation – but – I’m tired of going to my neighborhood Market Basket and considering it a staycation excursion. And I’m sure the folks at Market Basket are equally tired of seeing me shopping in my snorkel gear.

So FamilyDestinationsGuide stepped in to find the best “cheap vacations” in the country. They conducted a survey of 3,000 American families to find out which affordable destinations they would most like to visit. They used this data to rank the 175 best affordable vacation destinations in the United States and 5 of those 175 are right here in the Commonwealth. (And I know, 5 entries on a list of 175 isn’t that fantastic but we’re focusing on positives here so we’ll take it!)

As for the very top of the list, Long Beach, New York reigns supreme as the most affordable vacation destination in the US. FamilyDestinationsGuide sites that Long Beach’s FREE and beautiful sandy beach make it a super destination for a great, cheap beach day. Coney Island, New York takes second place while Surfside Beach, South Carolina comes in third. Oak Island, California and Galveston, Texas round out the Top 5. So there you go! 5 vacations in the US that FamilyDestinationsGuide thinks you’ll enjoy the most without busting that vacation budget.

Massachusetts’ first entry on the bargain destinations countdown is at #21. What town is it? And what are the other 4 Massachusetts towns that made the list? Time to get to the answers.

Below we’ll give you the 5 Massachusetts towns that made the Top 175 Most Affordable Vacation Destinations list. We’ll let you know where the town ranked in the Top 175 and we’ll throw in the town’s biggest tourist trap too just for fun. And since you’ll be driving around Massachusetts in search of cheap vacations, the last thing you’ll. want is to waste your money on THIS. Still great info to know while road-trippin’ around Mass!

  • Most Affordable Vacation Destinations in Massachusetts - #5

    RANK: 131
    Biggest Tourist Trap: The “Sunset Specials” everywhere. But those sunsets sure are purdy!

  • Most Affordable Vacation Destinations in Massachusetts - #4

    RANK: 126
    Biggest Tourist Trap: Nobska Lighthouse (but it’s not bad at all!)

  • Most Affordable Vacation Destinations in Massachusetts - #3

    RANK: 74
    Biggest Tourist Trap: Revere Beach (but it’s a must see)

  • Most Affordable Vacation Destinations in Massachusetts - #2

    RANK: 31
    Biggest Tourist Trap: Race Point Beach (It’s an amazingly beautiful beach. Amazingly beautiful beaches bring out people!)

  • Most Affordable Vacation Destinations in Massachusetts - #1

    RANK: 21
    Biggest Tourist Trap: The Seafood Restaurants (I can’t single one out, that’s mean. The food is great at many… but many know that. LOL)

  • Want the complete list of 175 affordable US vacation destinations?

    Check out the complete list from FamilyDestinationsGuide RIGHT HERE!

    Massachusetts affordable vacation destinations

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