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She's here! Lungboy and his kids meet Frankie for the first time.

After having a dog for over 13 years, we lost our dog Mazie back in November. We made it 5 months dog free before we decided to look into adopting another dog. My wife and I talked it over, and our kids were really missing having a dog around the house. We started looking about a month ago and worked with the people at PAWS New England to get a rescue puppy. We picked up Leila, who we renamed, Frankie, Sunday. She’s cute as a button, and getting used to her new surroundings. As she gets used to us all, she has started to chew a few things…namely her nice wooden crate. We’ve switched to a metal one now, and she has plenty of things to chew on! We’ve started puppy class with Michaela at OM Obedience and it’s great having a puppy around the house again!