Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 2/22

LBF's Iphone is broken which gets us to thinking, what does the I in Iphone mean? With most cars today being keyless, some scary things can happen. You will not believe where the The Girl Scout girls were selling their cookies.  NASA is accepting applications for new astronauts, and you won't believe how many applied. LBF's is back from her big cruise getaway and how she almost caused an international incident because of what her husband did, well more like didn't do.You won't believe how much James Bond Aston Martin DB-10 was sold for. Time to buy more Powerball tickets because it looks like the jackpot is on the rise. Do you have smelly fingers? We tell you have to fix that problem in today's Wallyology.  We talk about this company called Mindful Money that talks mostly about how much money you're really spending. Hover boards are still all the rage despite all the issues they are having.