Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 2/5

Saturday Night Live had a hilarious skit in honor of Patriots and Eagles fans.  Whats the best way to break this big loss to your kids?  The verdict is in on Justin Timberlake's halftime show.

Have you ever named a car?  The Patriots have a lot of unknowns in the off-season.  What was your favorite commercial during the big game?  Bethany Frankel is looking for a new assistant, find out if you're qualified.  Pink spit something out of her mouth before she sang the National Anthem.  An amazing new cure for cancer is in development.  The trailer is out for the new Star Wars movie on the origin of Han Solo. All this plus Men from Maine, Dirty Laundry, Three Things, and Celebrity Birthdays in today's Loren & Wally Podcast!