Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 11/29

Do you have a creative name for a business?  Black Friday sales were way up this year.  What Christmas Tree smells the best?  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer might not be as good a movie as you remember it as a child.

The folks from Luke's Lobster join us in the studio with some delicious seafood to tell us about the grand opening of a new restaurant in the Seaport District.  Would you give up your pet dog to marry a prince?  Cyberchondria is sweeping the nation.  The hilarious Gary Gulman joins us in the studio for his New Year's appearance at the beautiful Chevalier Theatre in Medford.  All this plus Men from Maine, Dirty Laundry, Three Things, and Celebrity Birthdays in today's Loren & Wally Podcast!