Harvey Weinstein is DISGUSTING!

In today's Dirty Laundry, Harvey Weinstein is GROSS and FILTHY. And, I think this is just the beginning. -LBF

He is NOT going to Europe to handle his sex addition. He's heading to The Meadows in Arizona. Loren Owens says... "PR move!" He's got a problem- he's a TERRIBLE PERSON!

Harvey Weinstein has a meltdown in front of photographers in LA

Weinstein told photographers at his daughter's home he had been 'loyal' to them The speech to photographers topped off a day-long meltdown in Los Angeles Earlier Wednesday his daughter had called 911 to report Weinstein was 'suicidal' Weinstein was then seen giving people the middle finger at his lawyer's office

The NYPD is looking into past sexual assault accusations and reopening the case.

New York Daily News on Twitter

NYPD Special Victims investigators reach out to Harvey Weinstein accusers https://t.co/iMK5mwe1yh

This has trickled down to Ben Affleck. He released a statement about it and now women are accusing Ben of being handsy.

Ben Affleck on Twitter

Ben Affleck on Twitter


TV Guide on Twitter

OneTreeHill alum Hilarie Burton "didn't forget" about that time Ben Affleck groped her on MTV's #TRL https://t.co/XuMsK2t3Tv https://t.co/7c1C3ZOPyw

I think a lot of men in the business should be very very nervous. One of the most powerful men was just taken down!

2 little extra things:

Kathy Griffin has been replaced!

USA tday on Twitter

New post: "Andy Cohen to replace Kathy Griffin on CNN's New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper" https://t.co/7Gm1kEeRrA

Christina Applegate had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

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Christina Applegate Had Her Ovaries Removed Because of BRCA1 - Should You Get the Gene Test? https://t.co/jopkqfrfiB