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Comedian Millennials Are Mocking Boomers On Real Estate Advice

Boomers love to give advice! These two comedian millennials are mocking boomers on real estate advice and they do make a good point in a very funny way. When it comes to doling out advice, boomers are the best at it. Whether it's how to get 200.000 miles from your car or what is the best degree to obtain to be gainfully employed long into the future. Some of the advice boomers like to share has been passed down from their parents. Other advice comes from first hand knowledge. Boomers on cooking If you want to know how to cook the perfect steak or hamburger, just ask a boomer. They will tell you how to do it just perfectly with advice on the right cut of meat or the correct ratio of fat percentage in hamburger. Should it be 80 or 90%?  Well, 90 is more healthy but 80 is much more juicy, so it depends on what's most important to you in your burger. Steaks? They will tell you the best cut. Is it sirloin or filet or perhaps a nice T-Bone. They have thoughts on all of it. Boomers on job interviews Looking for a job a new job? Have an upcoming interview? Great! Here's what you have to do. First, dress the part for the job you want. Is it at a bank or financial institution? Then put on a nice suit that isn't from a second hand store and know how to tie a proper knot! Be sure you have a firm handshake and god forbid do not stick out your hand like a dead fish. For the ladies, they might not be above telling you to show a little leg. So be careful there. Boomers on real estate This is by far the area of life that boomers love to dole out lot's of advice. These two millennial comedians posted a Tik Tok video of themselves wearing bad gray wigs and talking like what they think boomers sound like when they talk about their buying and selling strategies. Of course these two guys think it's nothing more than being born at the right time and getting very lucky with the market trends. See what you think. It is really funny!