MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 01: Bob Ross instruction setup at When The Art Comes Down Miami Beach hosted by Super 8 on December 1, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Super 8)

So, today we talked to a woman who had her house power washed one week and her driveway paved the next, both by accident. Yes, both companies got the address wrong and she benefitted by someone else’s mistake.

Wait. There are no mistakes, says Bob Ross. Only Happy Accidents!


But rare, right?

Until I read this story today about a guy in Marlborough who came home to find his house…had been CLEANED!

Police told WBZ-TV the man called them on May 16 to report a breaking and entering. He said returned home the night before and noticed that someone had been in his house. But nothing was missing. In fact, it looked great. Several rooms in the house were cleaned and a bag of trash was left on the back step.

There were no signs of damage or that anyone had broken in. Police spoke with his neighbors and no one saw anything suspicious, so there are no suspects.

The homeowner, Nate Roman, told the Boston Globe he may have left his back door unlocked and a housekeeping service may have gone to the wrong house by mistake.

“It’s funny now, but didn’t feel funny at the time,” Roman told the paper.

Another Happy Accident!