Wicked Fast Podcast

Wicked Fast Podcast

Wicked Fast Podcast


The Wicked Fast Podcast is a weekly NASCAR podcast hosted by Brian ‘Lungboy’ Bell and Tim “Timmy G” Gorham. 

Lungboy and Timmy G’s partnership in all things wicked fast roared to life back in the ‘90s at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Back then, Lungboy and Timmy G were just a couple of kids from Chelmsford, MA watching the races with their dads. Lungboy would give Timmy G a hard time about being a Jeff Gordon fan, and Timmy G would make fun of the Earnhardts.

It was a start of a lifelong friendship filled with fast cars, casual insults and tradin’ paint.

Fast forward 20 years. Now Lungboy and Timmy G have combined their two decades of NASCAR knowledge to bring you the best of the speedways each week.

From weekly picks, all-star guests, behind-the-scenes stories, professional expertise and lots of industry secrets, these two guys actually sound legit.

Best of all, Lungboy still gives Timmy G a hard time about Jeff Gordon (whom we’ve interviewed) and Timmy still makes fun of Lungboy’s guy Dale Earnhardt Jr.