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Loren Owens

Loren grew up, but never matured, in Terre Haute, Indiana. Following high school, it was off to Indiana State University (yes, Larry Bird territory) for a degree in biological science....but a funny thing happened on the way to that degree....RADIO! The accidental job in radio paid for college and started a lifelong love affair with broadcasting. After graduation Loren was invited to join the armed forces, thought it would be prudent to accept that invitation, and spent the next two years serving in the United States Marine Corps. After the Marines....back to broadcasting in Terre Haute and then off to see the world with radio and morning shows in Knoxville, Buffalo, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Denver and, finally.... BOSTON....the most fabulous city in America!

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Wally Brine (Retired)

Wally Brine – My Story!
(No names have been changed – no one is being protected)

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island during the great blizzard of 1949! My Dad, Salty and Mom, Mickey, lived in an apartment in the transmitter building of WPRO – Radio. For the first two years of my life there was a huge radio tower outside my bedroom window bombarding my little frail pink body with 50,000 watts of power. My Mother wrote in my “Baby Book” that I had a lot of diarrhea, Gee, I wonder why?? Anyway, after that we settled in Cranston, Rhode Island and my Dad’s radio career really took off.
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Oh, hi there!
I’m Lauren Beckham Falcone, the "other" woman on the "Loren & Wally Show" on WROR. (Wally and I borrow each other's purses sometimes.)

While I have you, I'd like to confess to something right away: that picture of me over to the left? Photoshopped to within an inch of my life. But if that's how I get hollow cheeks and super-sparkly blue eyes, so be it.

The only person more excited I work with these guys than I am is my father, Bruce Beckham, who can recite every “Men From Maine” by heart. He’s a real hit at kids’ birthday parties.
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Hank Morse

The chubby guy from Medford joined the Loren and Wally Show in 1999 and he was lucky they plucked him off the waiver wire!

Hank grew up in Medford and graduated from Medford High School and then went to Boston University. Raquel Welch’s son was a year ahead of him in the College of Communication at BU.

Hank and his wife Pam live in Medford with their two daughters, both of whom are entering college. That means Hank with be DJ’ing a lot of weddings and parties to help pay tuition.

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Brian "Lungboy" Bell

You know, the question I’m asked over and over again in all the years I’ve been with Loren & Wally, “Where did the nickname Lungboy come from?”
It all started back in 1995, I was right out of broadcasting school and interning with the morning show. The former producer, Monkey Boy, left and there I was at the right time and place for the job. Since then quite a few things have changed. I have had the great opportunity to travel with the morning show, broadcasts in London and Disney World were fun! I owe so much of what I am today to the guys, I got my dog Mazie after we had her on the show as a pet of the month. I got my wife, Caitlin, much the same way…after she was on the show talking about the charity she worked for at the time. We got married in 2006, had our son, Sam (named after my buddy Jim Koch’s beer Samuel Adams) in 2009 and our daughter, Lila (not named after any booze) in 2013.
I guess that’s about it, I feel like I’m forgetting something….oh well!

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Brian Bell
Brian Bell

Loren & Wally Show, #BrianBellBuster, Producer, Husband, Dad, Nerd, NASCAR fan, Gluten Free it's for me. Host of Wicked Fast Podcast