Learn to Cope / Attorney General Maura Healey / Purdue Pharma

Once again, Learn to Cope founder Joanne Peterson is my guest. I wanted to talk with her about the current status of Attorney General Maura Healey’s litigation against Oxycontin pushers Purdue Pharma that’s been in the papers recently. Enlightening to say the least.

The Book Of Highs, 255 Ways To Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs

I frequently get email inquiries from publishers wanting to know if I’d like to interview a person about their new book and so many times I’ve seen topics that have caught my attention and wished I could speak with the author.

Harm Reduction with Gary Langis

Hi! It’s Julie. This is Podcast #3. Longtime local harm reduction advocate Gary Langis (soft “g” in Langis) is my guest. He talks about what harm reduction is, how far we’ve come in protecting those who are marginalized in society and how far we have yet to go. (Hint: we still have a long way…

Truth Pharm, Founder Alexis Pleus

Hi, Julie Devereaux here. For this podcast, I talk with Alexis Pleus (she says it’s “Ploose…like loose!”) ☺. Alexis lost her son to an overdose and has subsequently formed an organization called Truth Pharm.  Though this opioid epidemic is tragic and ugly, the beauty is in people like Alexis who I believe are leading us…