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The Loren & Wally 2017 Christmas Letter

Dear Nation! Welcome to the Loren and Wally Obnoxious Christmas Letter. Don’t worry. No one’s been accepted to Stanford or made partner at the law firm or even joined a gym. You’re lucky we’re not overachievers!

THANK YOU! Christmas in the City

105.7 WROR is proud to support Christmas in the City, a 100% volunteer organization providing "THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR" for thousands of children and parents from homeless shelters of Boston and surrounding communities.

The Good I Saw In David Cassidy-Jaybeau

I was sad to hear about popular 70's icon David Cassidy's illness a few days ago. Tonight it was reported that he passed. I met him a few years ago during one of his shows at the Hatch Shell. On stage, he did a great show. In person one on one with me, he was very…