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We ❤️ TV MOMS!

Any show based on family dynamics NEEDS a great lead mom! Sure, she can be sweet and kind, but we like her best when she is funny!

Plan a Mom Moviethon!

Put on your coziest clothes, grab your favorite snacks and beverages (have the phone close by to place your takeout order), pick your favorite flicks and ahhhhhhh... LIFE IS GOOD!

Can Steven Tyler Make It With Country Music?

Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler! 70 year old Steven is back on the road playing country music. Take a look at his post from a few years ago when Steven began his new path of country music and the few minutes I had to talk to him about life: Jaybeau

The Loren & Wally 2017 Christmas Letter

Dear Nation! Welcome to the Loren and Wally Obnoxious Christmas Letter. Don’t worry. No one’s been accepted to Stanford or made partner at the law firm or even joined a gym. You’re lucky we’re not overachievers!