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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Whether you have kids, a messy dog, or both we know that your car can be one of the messiest places you own. And it feels like every day we’re seeing new TikToks of people detailing their cars or keeping it so squeaky clean, and we’ve always wondered how?! So we’ve put together a list of the best car accessories for the whole family that you can have in your arsenal that will help you keep your car cleaner.

  • 1) Backseat Organizer

    Organization is one of the keys to keeping your car clean. If you have kids, especially little ones, you know that they come with a host of accessories. Doesn’t matter if you’re going on a short trip to visit the grandparents or taking a long road trip out of state, they need to be entertained. This backseat organizer is a great way to store some of their favorite items. Put their coloring books, crayons, drinks, and even their tablets when they’re not in use and keep that backseat organized. 

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  • 2) Child Seat Protector

    Speaking of kids, they are messy. And they love eating snacks in their car seats. These awesome WeatherTech Car Seat protectors can be lifesaving. Put this washable mat under your kid’s car seat and leave the worry of spills and other messy items on your interior behind you.

  • 3) Car Trunk Organizer

    When it comes to the things that go in your trunk you might be like me and always have your emergency roadside kit, a snow scraper, maybe even a blanket. But you may also have a few other go-to items and that all takes up space. This trunk organizer helps you find a good home for your essentials on the backs of your seats and frees up all that space so you can add luggage, groceries, or whatever else you need to your trunk.

  • 4) Over The Seat Organizers

    Want another way to keep your kid’s items close at hand? This over-the-seat organizer looks incredible! It has a spot for the tablet, and many other pockets so you can put your kid’s favorite items within their reach.

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  • 5) Car Seat Gap Filler

    The feeling of terror every time I drop my cell phone or credit card in between the seat is very real. We’ve all been there when you know you’re going to have to get out move the entire seat and hope you didn’t crack your phone screen or lose your credit card entirely. These seat gap fillers originated on Shark Tank and are perfect for helping you not lose your items under your seat. Just slip it in between the seat and your console and viola! You can now easily grab those pesky items that like to slip away from you.

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  • 6) Cup Holder Extender

    These things are so cool! If you love BIG drinks or have water bottles that don’t fit in your cup holders these cup holder extenders are here to save the save for you. They fit into your standard cup holder and then expand a bit more outside of the cup holder so that you can fit your drink easily in the cupholder. These will definitely be good on a road trip!

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  • 7) Pet Safety Harness

    Planning on traveling with your four-legged companion? These safety harnesses are made to help keep your dogs safe in your car. The harness has five points of attachment for a secure, customized fit, and a padded chest plate for comfort. They are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your pet perfectly.

  • 8) Folding Dog Ramp

    And speaking of pet travel, whether you have an aging pup or a very tall vehicle, these folding dog ramps are great for helping your canine companion in and out of your car. They are lightweight and easily fold back together so you can store them safely in your trunk or garage.

  • 9) WeatherTech All Season Floor Mats

    Rain, Snow, Mud, etc. The elements get into the car very easily. And if you’re looking for an easy way to preserve your car’s interior these WeatherTech floor mats are the way to go. They are very durable and can be cleaned easily so if they get muddy you can take them out back to hose them off or hand clean them. Select your mats 

  • 10) Car Hook For Phone & Bags

    <a href="

    This may be my favorite item on the list! If you don’t have a tablet or a built-in DVD player this car hook fits around the back of your headrest and has a spot to hold your cell phone. This is a great tool for any passengers in your back seat to utilize!

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  • 11) Headrest Hooks

    Speaking of headrest hooks, these are another wonderful way to go if you just need a spot to hang your purse or even hold some of your grocery bags. These hooks can hold up to 13-pounds each.

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  • 12) Wireless Phone Charge & Car Mount

    This is currently my favorite thing in my car. It’s not only a phone mount, which I love having for when I am using my GPS, but it is also a wireless charger! It truly has come in handy so many times, because I always misplace my car’s phone chargers.

  • 13) Car Trash Can

    An easy way to keep your car clean is to have a car trash can. This one is foldable so when you don’t need it or you think you might not be using it, you can easily store it in your vehicle. It has a compartment for your trash as well as pockets on the sides for things like hand sanitizer or even tissues.

  • 14) Cleaning Gel

    You’ve probably seen these on TikTok if you like to get sucked into those car cleaning videos like I do. This is a car cleaning gel and it’s designed to help you pick up dust in hard-to-reach places like your console, gear shift, vents, etc. The gel is easily cleanable and comes in a small container that you can store in your console. 

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  • 15) Portable Vacuum Cleaner

    Another great way to keep your car clean is by having a vacuum cleaner on hand. This portable vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments and accessories that are designed to help you clean your vehicle without having to lug your entire vacuum out of the house or take your car to a car wash.

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  • 16) WeatherTech RackSack

    And if you’re planning on road trips in the future, this WeatherTech RackSack is perfect for folks who know they have more luggage than their car can fit. Not only does this have the WeatherTech technology that helps keeps your luggage dry, but it also is easy to install on top of your car. It simply connects to your side mounts or crossbar on the roof of your vehicle and then you’re on the road!

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