White Claw has announced a new flavor collection dubbed “Surf,” which marks the first time the hard seltzer brand has created varieties that are a mix of various fruits.

The White Claw “Surf” collection will be available in the brand’s standard 12-can variety pack, and each 12oz can is 100 calories and 5% ABV. Per a press release from White Claw, here are the four new “Surf” flavors and their descriptions:

Citrus Yuzu Smash: A sensational collision of our signature lemon combined with exotic yuzu – for a taste that’s unbelievable and uniquely White Claw Surf.

Tropical Pomelo Smash: A complex blend of juicy pomelo – grapefruit perfectly blended with a tropical combination of lime, orange and lemon.

Watermelon Lime Smash: A collision of ripe watermelon with cold-pressed lime for a thirst-quenching taste that delivers sensational refreshment.

Wildberry Acai Smash: A wave of refreshing ripe wild berries paired with the unique tartness of exotic acai – for a sophisticated blend of complex flavors.

So, what do these new White Claw flavors really taste like? This author received samples of each, and here’s are my thoughts:

  • Citrus Yuzu Smash

    Before this White Claw, I never even heard of a yuzu fruit. Upon a brief Google search, a yuzu is a unique hybrid of a mandarin orange and an ichang papeda. It’s certainly a unique citrus fruit, and combined with the lemon it provides for a very refreshing experience.

  • Tropical Pomelo Smash

    Tropical Pomelo Smash was easily my favorite of the four “Surf” flavors. It features a great balance of tartness and sweetness, and the grapefruit really comes through. It goes down really smooth, so be careful when drinking this one, because next thing you’ll know, you’ll have slammed a bunch without even realizing it.

  • Watermelon Lime Smash

    When you open a can of Watermelon Lime Smash, you’re immediately greeted with an outstanding smell of fresh watermelon. However, when you sip it, more of the lime comes through. It’s still delicious, but I would have liked to have tasted a better flavor balance.

  • Wildberry Acai Smash

    Like Watermelon Lime Smash, the fragrance of berries is immediately present as soon as you open the can. Wildberry Acai Smash is definitely the sweetest tasting of the “Surf” flavors, so if sweet drinks aren’t your thing, you may want to pass. But if you love yourself some sweet, boozy goodness, crack open a can and have fun! (Responsibly, of course.)

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