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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Funerary urn with ashes of dead and flowers at funeral. Burial urn decorated with flowers and people mourning in background at memorial service, sad and grieving last farewell to deceased person.

Till Death Do Us Part Ways

According to a new survey that people were asked the somewhat morbid yet important question of what they want done with their remains after they die. The answers were literally all over the place. It seems as though the traditional ways are not the only ways, people have some very creative thoughts when it comes to how they want to spend eternity. (We ranked 9 because there was a tie at number 8)

Here are a few that didn’t make the top of the list.

Being cremated and put into paint for an artist to paint your portrait. (make sure you hire a good artist because you only get one shot at it)

Cremated and pressed into a vinyl record (will have your favorite tunes pressed on it?)

Being fed to birds ala a Tibetan ritual (I don’t think so)

Being cremated and turned into ink for your loved ones to get a tattoo with (okay but what is the tattoo ?)

Buried at Sea (which is my personal favorite) why not pay back all the lobsters that I have eaten over the years?

Being cremated and have your ashes used in a decorative paper weight or a piece of sculpture (wonder how big a paper is going to be?)

Being cremated and have your ashes shot into space (does anyone have Elon Musk’s number?)

Cremated and have your ashes spread on your favorite football team’s field ( not sure how this happens)

Being cremated and have your ashes turned into a firework for the 4th of July (hopefully it’s not a dud)

And the last of the ones not in the top 10; 

Donate your body to an outdoor forensic anthropology lab where scientists can study human decomposition (for all fans of Dateline and Keith Morrison)

Here are the Top Nine Ways People Want Done With Their Remains


  • 9. Be given a ‘Viking Funeral’ (Have your body sent out into a body of water on a boat and then set on fire with a flaming arrow)

    Jorvik Viking Festival Returns To York After Covid Hiatus

    Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

    This has become increasingly popular with people especially fans of the numerous Mid Evil tv shows and movies streaming on Netflix and others

  • 8. Be cremated and have your ashes turned into a diamond

    Sotheby's Geneva Luxury Week

    . (Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images for Sotheby’s)

    They say diamonds are a girls best friend, maybe a widow’s best friend too.

  • 7. Buried underground in a bio-degradable coffin


    Recycle clothes concept. Recycling box full of clothes.

    For those that care the most about Mother Earth, you will become “one with nature” in due time.

  • 6. Be transformed into healthy soil and used for conservation

    happy gardener

    Giving back to God’s green Earth in very big way!

  • 5. Donate your entire body to science


    A slightly open empty wooden coffin with a hand reaching out on a dark ominous background – 3D Render

    This is how doctors study the human body, so if you enjoyed school, here’s one more classroom for you.

  • 4. Traditional burial underground in a wooden coffin


    Dolor – Funeral with coffin on a cemetery, the casket carried by coffin bearer

    Going six feet under in a comfortable coffin is still a very popular choice!

  • 3. Be buried under a tree

    Gillon McLachlan Media Opportunity

    Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images)

    Why not a giving tree like an apple tree? You can really give back to Mother Nature and provide food for all.

  • 2. Donate your organs and tissue


    We should all do this one, you can take them with you but why would you?

  • 1. Be cremated and have your ashes scattered somewhere in nature

    beautiful beach

    Blurred blue sky and sea with bokeh light. Landscape of tropical summer. Summer vacation concept.

    Folks like this option the most, a chance to revisit favorite places and truly become part of the scenery.

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