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He may not even be really singing! Nathan Apodaca’s Tik Tok “Dreams” goes viral with 13 MILLION views.

Actually, Nathan’s lip sync of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams is dead on. Conversely, he pulls it off while skateboarding AND drinking cranberry juice. From insider.com:

Apodaca uploaded a video of himself serenely skateboarding. He’s lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 song “Dreams.” Now, he’s landed a spot on the popular Hulu show “Reservation Dogs.”

Within a week of posting his TikTok in September 2020, Apodaca’s video had racked up millions of views. The following week, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” had its biggest streaming week ever, Billboard reported.

Hardship To Fame

Actually, Apodaca’s fame, in a way, came out of hardship.

Consequently, the 37-year-old began skateboarding to work.  Why? His miles-weary 2005 Dodge Durango wouldn’t start.

If you enjoyed Nathan’s TikTok “Dreams” Goes Viral story, here’s more fun 80s’s TikTok songs! Have fun!

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