Here's What A Thousand Bucks Gets You

What Can You Buy With A Thousand Bucks? With the 1057 WROR Workday Bonus coming soon, we got to thinking: a thousand bucks gets you? Before we get started, get ready to WIN $1000 bucks, FIVE times a day!

We all play that Massachusetts State Lottery game in our head. I always ask myself, how would we spend a fortune?

We Can Dream Can’t We?

Hmm, well, first I’d pay off my house, pay off any lasting debt, then I’d take my wife on a beach vacation with no internet, for three weeks. (I wonder if my boss is reading this?) Then buy my Mom a new house, give my family a million bucks each. (Well MOST of my family. I have a sibling or two that needs a talking to.) Then, I’d buy a dream car, probably a new Corvette. At this point, my guilt would kick in and I’d start contributing to charity. I’m thinking a wing at Dana Farber named after me.

Lottery Nightmares

But winning a fortune is NOT what’s cracked up to be. It takes real skill to manage ALOT of money. If you do not have experts standing by, you could run into nightmares.

We’ve all heard the stories on how money doesn’t fix all problems. Famous quotes on wealth:

Having money, solves money problems-Johnny Carson

Sadly, the most famous talk show host of all time, was married four times, and lost a son due to suicide. Yet, he had all the money in the world.

People that think money can buy happiness, never had money-David Geffen

This founder of Geffen Records, the record label of The Eagles record says having money does not erase problems that money can’t solve.

While we think of those two quotes, balancing our life is maybe the most important thing, rather than chasing JUST money. I do know for a fact that some happiness can come from helping others.

So WHAT would a THOUSAND BUCKS get you? Here’s my list. Let’s see if it matches yours. We’ll start with the practical stuff first.

  • Briggs and Stratton Portable Generator

    Power OUT!

    Image by Getty Images

    Take that thunderstorms! The next time you lose power, this baby will get you back up!

    Cost: $879.99 (Leaves you a little left over for beer)

  • Overnight Trip To New York City


    Image by Getty Images

    Amtrak Acela’s train deals can get to you to the Big Apple in no time. Add in Trip Advisor for a hotel, you’re good to go. If you work at it, you could come in under a $1000.

  • Family Trip to See The Patriots

    Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

    (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

    Tickets start at $250 each. They need our support.

  • Forty Shares of Global X Uranium ETF


    Image by Getty Images

    You’re going to thank me in five years. Uranium is the new OIL. Start your kids college fund now. At $24.50 a thousand bucks will buy about 40 shares of this HOT Uranium ETF. This sector is RED HOT. (I own it) You’re welcome. (This is simply my opinion, and not investment advice.)

  • Intex Pool Set


    Image by Getty Images

    Fits up to 8 pals, for fast backyard fun on a hot summer day. (Picture not actual pool)

  • Remote Control Flying Drone Quadcopter


    Image By Getty Images

    This is a must for tech geeks. The camera makes you the hero at weddings or holidays. Hey isn’t an aerial photo worth $1000?

  • Phillips Espresso Machine-5 Types Of Coffee

    Image By Getty Images

    On your third date, when you invite him/her back to your place, impress your future partner with this. Maybe hold off on showing off the drone.

  • Robot Vacuum With Floor Tracking Sensors


    Image by Getty Images

    People with Espresso machines have no time to vacuum. This robot masterpiece is controlled by your smartphone. It learns to clean while you are away. No worries, it doesn’t look like a Star Wars droid. It looks like a Roomba. Although R2-D2 vacuuming would be cool. 

  • Make Ten Friends Really Happy

    Image by Getty Images

    Imagine the look on their face when you give each friend, $100. What, maybe money CAN buy happiness!

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