Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Are these people really that shallow?

So what are the 9 most petty reasons people have broken up with someone? Let’s just say it makes anybody in a happy and successful relationship even happier. Has society become too choosy? With the abundance of online dating apps, have single people decided they can have everything they want? And nothing that they don’t.

Was it always like this?

Before  the advent of instant dating, which, of course applies to the dozens if not hundreds of dating apps, people were undoubtedly less picky  If you met somebody, it was probably through a friend, through Work, or in a social situation. You probably had more of a chance of getting to know the real person Ambermore willing to put up with their little peccadilloes. Let’s be honest, we all have our own little quirks, don’t we?

Why can’t we let the little things go?

That is the question. Why can’t we let the little things go? Is it because today’s Taylor knows that their next relationship is only a right swipe away? Choosy daters know that if it doesn’t work out immediately, all they have to do is open up their app and try again. Of course, this leads to a very short tolerance for anything that would be considered weird or quirky.maybe and other times we would have let the little things go and look at the whole picture. Now it’s more about instant gratification when it comes to finding a mate. Maybe we should call it instant Materfication?

Are these the most petty reasons to dump someone?

Have you ever dumped someone for something petty? Here are a few examples from Reddit: A guy wouldn’t date a woman because she said “I have to go tinkles” on their first date. And a woman dumped a guy who had allergies, because she considered it a sign of weakness.

Here  are the nine most petty reasons people have dumped someone.

  • 9. A guy asked for a water cup at a fast-food place, and used it to steal soda from the machine. It was while they were on a date, apparently.

    fast food restaurants in new england

  • 8. "He wore the same shirt on both of our dates." Then years later, they ran into him in an elevator, and he was in the same shirt.

    young man in shock

  • 7. She ate her peas one at a time, but didn't do it with corn for some reason.

    plate of peas with butter

  • 6. A woman was just way too into her horse. Quote, "If a woman has a horse in her dating profile, you will never be more important than that horse."

    beautiful horse in autumn

    Black Stallion in fall park at sunset light

  • 5. On a first date, a woman said, "Excuse me, I have to go tinkles."

    Close-up portrait of her she nice attractive puzzled ignorant wavy-haired girl showing gesture no information isolated on bright vivid shine yellow background

    “ (Deagreez/ Getty Images)

  • 4. He slept in socks. They were ankle socks, and he specifically bought them to sleep in.

    man in socks

  • 3. A woman broke up with a guy who had allergies, because she considered it a sign of weakness.

    man trying to hold back sneeze

  • 2. "My cat said hello to her, and she didn't say hi back."

    gray and black cat sticking out their tongue

  • 1. "Her voice was like Minnie Mouse, and I just couldn't take it"

    Disney Fans Attend "Minnie Besties Bash!” Parade

    . (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

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