So you’re looking for the scariest haunted houses in New England, huh? Or maybe you want to kick it up a notch and see where the scariest haunted houses in America are. We have you covered on both fronts below.

I think it’s a fascinating thing to see hordes of people come together at night to dish out money to be scared to the point of losing control of pitches of shrieks or even worse, control of bodily functions (yuck). Have you ever wondered why we do this? What those who love getting scared terribly get out of the whole situation? Dr. Olubunmi Olatunji, who is a leading psychology professor at Vanderbilt University, says that scary or thrilling experiences release dopamine into the brain. Some enjoy this feeling, those are us thrill-seekers. Some don’t, you probably don’t see them running the haunted house circuit for thrills.

The professional American haunt industry is a multibillion-dollar business with nearly 2,000 haunts open each year and over 12,000,000 customers attending those attractions. So to say that Halloween season haunted houses are big business would be an understatement.

Now that we understand the why’s of the enjoyment of getting scared, let’s look at the WHERE.

These are the 7 scariest haunted houses in New England. Some might be a lengthy road trip but if you’re a scare or thrill fanatic, the tank of gas to get there might be worth it. We’ll finish off by giving you the 3 scariest haunted houses in the entire country. These would be loooooonnnnnggg road trips.

In addition to the 7 haunted houses we’ll obviously give you the address to punch into your GPS or phone and a quick little blurb on each place – plus links when available so you can go get all the info about each place that you can handle.

Alright boys and ghouls, let’s go get scared!

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