Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

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Flying can be rough

Of all the things people who fly find annoying, we now have the 7 most annoying things people do on a plane. They are worthy of your consideration because if you have ever flown, you will probably agree that these are the worst

Whatever became of the “Friendly Skies”?

Most of us remember the commercials for United back in the day. They called themselves the airline that flies the friendly skies. These days, nobody calls themselves that anymore let alone old United. Back in the day flying was an event that most of us didn’t do very often. Unless of course you were a business person who needed to on a regular basis.

People used to dress up to fly

It was very common for people to wear their best clothes for their flights. If you look at old pictures from magazines of days, gone by, you will see that most of the passengers were dressed to the nines. Men wore a suit and tie, and the ladies would wear dresses and sometimes hats to match. Those days are long gone!

Flying Greyhound Bus

Now, when you get on board a plane, it is very rare to see somebody dressed nicely. It is much more common to see people dressed down as if they were heading to the gym. Or it’s also very common these days for people to actually wear pajamas on the flight. The glory days of flying are far behind us. Now flying is about as glamorous as riding a Greyhound Bus in the sky


These are the 7 Worst Annoying Things People Do On A Plane

If you thought reclining your seat on a plane was the rudest thing you could do, you’re wrong. It’s only the FIFTH worst. The site Skyscanner did a big poll on airplane etiquette, and asked 2,000 Americans if they find various activities annoying. According to the results, maybe wait until you’re at your hotel to cut those disgusting TOENAILS.

  • 7. Asking someone to switch seats.

    airplane row of seats

    31% would be annoyed, no matter the reason. But especially if their seat is better than yours. This happens a lot and it can be very annoying. If you wanted to fly together, book it together!

  • 6. Hogging both armrests.


    plane seat

    Just under a third said you shouldn’t be hogging both, even if you’re in the middle seat. It’s the battle of the arm rests and it is never enjoyable for anyone to feel squeezed out.

  • 5. Reclining your seat

    Funny Surprised Woman Sitting By the Window on An Airplane (What is Skiplagging and Why is American Airlines Filing a Lawsuit?)

    Around a third think it’s inconsiderate and unacceptable. This can be a very rude thing to do. Nobody wants to sit behind the person that reclines all the way back as soon as we reach 10,000 feet. Especially if it’s a long flight.

  • 4. Taking your shoes and socks off

    A person with bare feet on airplane seat, travel icks


    35% will judge you for it.  That’s even if your feet somehow smell great. I’m surprised this number is only 35%. Let’s all agree to leave our shoes on if it’s a problem get more comfortable shoes.

  • 3. Unwanted conversation


    annoyed woman

    Close to 40% hate it when the person next to them won’t shut up. This is a problem especially if you were in a long flight. Remember good ear phones make good neighbors.

  • (TIE) 1. Using your speakerphone.


     This is annoying anywhere, let alone 35,000 feet in the air when there is no escaping. This usually happens after landing when somebody is either looking for a ride or letting a family member know that they have landed. All things we can do through a quiet text.

  • (TIE) 1. Personal grooming.


    young woman in shock

    Like cutting your nails, painting your nails, or trimming your beard in your seat. How is this even a concept what would possess somebody to trim or paint their nails on a flight? If your nails are in need of attention, perhaps you can take care of that at your destination. Please.

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