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Home of the Red Sox, the Patriots, and the Boston Cream Pie!

In Boston when it comes to pie, Boston Cream Pie rules the day. So, we are reminding you where to get the best around.

All hail Boston Cream Pie

October 21 is National Boston Cream Pie Day, and we couldn’t be happier because nothing beats this delicious treat, whether as a pie or filled donut. So in honor of this local favorite we have come up with the Top 6 locations for one you to check out and pig out!

The History of the BCP

The website Bake From Scratch says Boston’s Parker House opened in 1855, a French as the story goes,  created Boston cream pie—unusual at the time for its use of chocolate in the dessert, rather than as a beverage alongside. The hotel’s original version was called “Chocolate Cream Pie.” But though the Parker House can lay claim to its namesake fluffy white rolls, food historians believe what we call Boston cream pie today likely got its start elsewhere. It’s the details they dicker over: Maybe the recipe first appeared in a booklet circa 1878. No, no, it was mentioned in The New York Herald in 1855, served at a fancy dinner for the New England Society. Or—most probable—it derived from something called Washington pie, a layer cake filled with jelly, popular in the early 19th century.  Either way, it’s a Boston area favorite that will always be a treat for 

Here’s the Top 6 in Boston