Scrabble is serious business in my house. If you play a word you better be prepared to use it in a sentence and be heckled if deemed necessary. Looking at the hundreds of words that were just added to the seventh edition of “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary,” there’s going to be much heckling going on soon.

Here are the 10 Stupidest Words That Were Just Added:

  • #10 YEEHAW

    Just try using it in a sentence without sounding silly. “Yeehaw”? Not in my house.

  • #9 HANGRY

    Hangry is the Frankensteining of the words “hungry” and “angry.” It’s not a real word. What is this a Snickers commercial? If we accept “hangry” we should also accept “Frankensteining.” Here I am using fake words while complaining about fake words. Yikes.

  • #8 ZONKEY

    I didn’t even know this was a thing. A “zonkey”? Apparently it’s the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey. If that’s the case – how come it never made it in the dictionary until now?? I mean I’m sure zebras and donkeys didn’t just start hooking up this year…


    After looking at these again – I shouldn’t have put them as high as #7. It’s really not that bad. I guess I was just showing my age. Get off my lawn, kids.

  • #6 SKEEZY

    I love this “word.” It’s definition is “morally or physically disgusting or repulsive.” I’ve used it hundreds of times in my life when talking smack (I’m working on myself to be better) but is it really a word?!? Nah.


    Ryan Seacrest’s hair should not be in my Scrabble game. Sorry.

  • #4 VAXXED

    Haven’t we been through enough these past couple years? We’re making “vaxxed” a playable word now? *shudder*

  • #3 ADORBS

    I’m trying to stay calm. Adorbs? ADORBS?!?! Even if you think that baby or puppy or outfit is adorbs, please keep that ish off my Scrabble board!

  • #2 INSPO

    Here’s some inspo: use real words!! I’m unraveling….

  • #1 BAE


    (I popped.)

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