Stranger Things season fourbanner is seen at 'The Lab', Stranger Things Netflix series experience venue in Madrid, Spain on June 27th, 2022. The visit in The Lab located at the Telefónica Building is fre for everyone. (Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

If you haven’t experienced the Stranger Things Rhode Island House, in North Providence Rhode Island, there is still plenty of time to visit your local neighborhood upside down world. Actually, it’s just like the Netflix series: just the right amount of BOO! Well visit together shortly! But what IS Stranger Things?

E.T. Meet ST

If you really watch Stranger Things, you may say to yourself, self, I have seen this movie before.  Stranger Things is a wonderful homage to the 1980’s movies where kids are smarter than the adults. What kid at heart doesn’t love that? Don’t you remember the time where we were smarter (we thought) than our parents and teachers? Throw in paranormal beings from another dimension and boom, you are an instant hero, saving your town. They even bring in Goonies, Sean Astin for a season!

Like E.T. Stranger Things comes with a secret government enterprise doing secret things, with secret powers that no one knows about, except the kids.

But make no mistake, unlike E.T. Stranger Things provides some SCARY moments. Be careful with young children viewing.

According to

The storylines of the three generations in the show were envisioned with their own mood and setting, inspired by different genres of films: the kids in adventure films, like E.T. The Extra Terrestrial or Stand By Me; the teenagers in a classic horror film, like John Carpenter’s Halloween or Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street; and the adults in a classic Spielberg movie, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The Stranger Things Rhode Island House!

A family in Rhode Island is no stranger to Stranger Things. Steven Simoneau of North Providence Rhode Island and his 11 year daughter Isabella got hooked to Things, so much, they transformed their home into a neighborhood upside down world! Starting this past summer, Steve and Isabella began the transformation. Steve has experience creating props and sets for music videos and as you’ll see, he put that experience to work. You can see it at 32 Benjamin Drive in North Providence, Rhode Island. 

So if you’re ready, let’s get upside down!

  • Find The Kate Bush Song!


    Image by Jaybeau

    The is the famous scene of Max being taken over by Venca in Season 4, that gave Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill” a new life.  Notice Max’s headphones.

  • NOT the BIG BLUE BUG on 95!!! 

    Image by Jaybeau

    Two of the biggest stars of the series. Standing is the Demogorgon. On the roof is a Demordog.

  • Watch Out!

    Image by Jaybeau

    In the series, this is used for communication between the worlds. The letters light using Christmas tree lights.

  • Need An Exterminator?

    Image by Jaybeau

    An amazing replica of the Mind Flayer Spider !

  • And Now the Star of The Series!

    Image by Jaybeau

    Introducing Vecna, one of the star monsters of Stranger Things. The story behind this guy is well done.

  • Look at Vecna!

    Image by Jaybeau

    From this perspective, you can see how tall and high Vecna is!

  • Trick Or Treat?

    Image by Jaybeau

    Don’t want to meet the Demogorgon at the front door!

  • We'll See You Next Year!

    Image by Jaybeau

    We’ll See You Next Year! (If this guy doesn’t get us, first!)


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