When you see a headline like: States With Shortest Marriages, I really think EVERYONE in Massachusetts and everyone in Boston may stand at attention to read this. I have been married for almost 10 years! Our anniversary is next year.

In some unexplained cosmic way, we are all connected. The Sun is 93 MILLION miles away, yet we need it in our body. Doctors call it Vitamin C. It is so far away, yet, we can feel the heat on our face at the beach. How is that possible. The trees and plants expel Oxygen, which we need to breathe. We expel Co2, which is carbon dioxide, which plants and trees need to breathe and survive.  The rotates on it’s axis, in perfect mathematical fashion.

What Is The Secret To A Long Marriage?

Does anyone have the secret to that? I do know that trust weighs in at the top of that list. I believe having trust can add and extend longevity in ANY type of relationship. On the other hand, once trust is broken, all of the other tenants that make a relationship are strained. Trust, support, flexibility, encouragement, forgiveness, and putting the other person first have helped in my marriage. When I apply those things, I seem to get them back.


According to data from CNBC, for every 10 couples that got married in 2000, about 5 ended in divorce or annulment that year. In 2021 there were 4 divorces for every 10 marriages, a drop of 20%. This CNBC report is in conjunction with the Center For Disease Control, not that love, is a disease! You’ll see a list of 10 US states with the shortest marriages according to the CDC data. Is Massachusetts in there? You may see a surprise when you get to the end of the list!

So, let’s go find the States With Shortest Marriages!

  • 10-Georgia


    Image from Getty Images

    Not everything in the Peach state is all sunshine and peaches!

    • Median duration of marriage: 18.8 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 29.2


  • 9-Idaho


    Image by Getty Images

    You’d think a state with amazing state fairs and loaded potatoes could sustain a marriage.

    • Median duration of marriage: 18.6 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 26.8
  • 8-Washington


    Images by Getty Images

    Maybe couples should take more serene, romantic walks in the beautiful mountains of Washington State! Well, it does rain there, a lot!

    • Median duration of marriage: 18.3 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 28.8


  • 7-Oklahoma


    Images by Getty Images

    What, a tasty Bison burger can’t enhance a marriage? (I have never tasted Bison, but I hear it’s DEEELICIOUS.)

  • 6-Colorado


    Images by Getty Images

    Rocky Mountain High singer John Denver actually wrote a HIT love song to his wife Annie. Shouldn’t Colorado take note. Start writing!

    • Median duration of marriage: 18.2 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 29.55
  • 5-Utah

    Donny Osmond

    Image by Jaybeau Jones

    What? The Osmond’s are from here! How can this state make the list…oh, wait.

    • Median duration of marriage: 18 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 25.8
  • 4-Nevada


    Images from Getty Images

    This one is no surprise. I know someone who bet their wife at Blackjack.

    • Median duration of marriage: 17.7 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 30.45


  • 3-Texas


    Image by Getty Images

    Again, no surprise. We learned about short marriages watching Dallas. 

    • Median duration of marriage: 17.6 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 28.45
  • 2-Alaska


    Images by Getty Images

    These two Alaskan otters are happily married. This state surprises me as being ALMOST number one? Well if you think about it, the days are longer there. Maybe that’s it.

    • Median duration of marriage: 16.8 years
    • Median age of first marriage: 28
  • 1-Washington D.C.

    White House

    Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

    Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! Great place to be a lawyer.


  • But, Where is Massachusetts?

    Happy Couple

    Image by Getty Images

    This report did not include our great state on the list. But, I’m happy to see that New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine are reported to be states with the LONGEST marriages!

    1-New Hampshire



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