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For a band that has been around as long as Def Leppard, they have produced a number of different t-shirt designs. In a section called "Anyone For T?", fans can scroll through the vast library of t-shirts Def Leppard has released in its history. Perhaps you one or two...or 20 of them!

Finally, this weekend at Fenway, we can expect some hits. Sadly, not from the Red Sox. It’s The Stadium Tour! As you know, coming into Boston for a trip to Fenway takes planning. So we put together Stadium Tour A-Z! It’s an everything you need to know, list of important items to make sure you have fun!

The Acts: Important!

On stage for two nights, this Friday and Saturday, it’s Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett.

This show has ROTATING headliners. Here’s the times:

4:15 PM Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

5:30 PM Poison

7pm Motley Crue OR Def Leppard, depending on the night, Friday or Saturday. 

9pm Def Leppard OR Motley Crue, again, depending on the night, Friday or Saturday. 

Motley Crue will headline Friday, and Def Leppard will headline Saturday.

Def Leppard Set List

From June 16th Atlanta

“Take What You Want”
“Fire It Up” (Live debut)
“Armageddon It”
“Love Bites”
“This Guitar” (Live debut)
“Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad” (Acoustic rendition)
“Two Steps Behind” (Joe Elliott performing solo)
“Bringin’ on the Heartbreak”
“Switch 625” (Rick Allen drum solo at end of song)
“Pour Some Sugar on Me”
“Rock of Ages”

For the set lists for all the acts, click here.

Take a look below at important intel you’ll need to navigate Fenway.

Have fun at Fenway and enjoy Stadium Tour A-Z!

  • What Size Bags Can I Bring?

    Fenway has a STRICK bag policy! I always start this one first. If we mess this up, it’s a hike back to the car, and we miss the first three songs. Trust me. It happened to us with McCartney!

    Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is an iconic piece of baseball history. The Boston Red Sox is a Major League baseball team, which means there are certain directives that the organization gives each stadium in order to ensure the best security and most enjoyable game experience for its visitors. Here is all you need to know about the bag policy in Fenway Park.

    This is why all fans need to go through a metal-detector security check, where all their bags are searched. Please note that you can only bring only soft-sided bags no larger than 5″x9″x2″. Backpacks, duffel bags, tote bags, oversized purses, and other similar style bags are NOT allowed.
    Our tip? If you want to skip the waiting time, leave your bags at home and carry just your essentials in your coat pockets. This way you can go through the no bags line and reach your seats much quicker.

    Bag policy Fenway Park – prohibited items

    Even if you do decide to bring a bag, purse, or small backpack with you, there are a few items that are strictly prohibited in the stadium:

    1. Selfie-sticks
    2. Noise making devices
    3. Signs or flagpoles or any props that could be dangerous and injure other fans
    4. Cans
    5. Bottles (except sealed water bottles of 16 oz or less)
    6. Glass containers
    7. Hard-sided coolers
    8. Alcoholic beverages
    9. Illegal substances
    10. Any item that can be used as a weapon (including, but not limited to firearms, knives, box cutters, tools of any sort)
    11. Signs, costumes, clothing, or any items that might be considered offensive

    Please note that there are no storage options for prohibited items inside Fenway Park.


    Bag policy Fenway Park – items allowed in Fenway Park

    What’s safe to bring inside:

    1. Soft-sided bags no larger than 5″x9″x2″
    2. Umbrellas, but they may be used only during official rain delays
    3. Cameras/ video cameras, as long as they are not used to record the game or disturb other people and interfere with their enjoying the game
  • Fenway House Rules

    This applies to ANY event at Fenway. You’ll see that this refers to games, but these rules apply to concerts as well.

    Smoking is not allowed in any area of Fenway Park

    Not even Yawkey Alley.

    You shouldn’t interfere with other people’s enjoyment of the game

    For example, take care that you’re not standing for long periods of time when others are sitting; the people behind you want to watch the game just as badly as you. If you don’t agree with another person’s comments, then judge them silently, like the rest of us do, don’t pick on them or bully them. Also, don’t be the person always shouting directives at the players. They’ve got this.

    Don’t interfere with the game or throw any item on the field

    You might want to let a certain player know what a huge fan you are on throwing a “Love Forever” teddy onto the field. Or you might want to let a certain player know how much of a fan you are not and want to throw a pair of undergarments at them on which you wittily wrote: “eat my shorts”. Perhaps you’ve seen one Hollywood film too, many people streaking across baseball fields and reckon this is your moment. As those after-school specials have taught us, just say no. This way you and everyone else can enjoy a nice show and not needlessly interrupt or interfere with the play or other’s fun afternoon.

    Dress appropriately

    There is always that one person that suggests you and your pals all go together to a game and write something funny on your bare bellies. The security guards might take issue with that. So show your support by wearing your team’s merch or just regular clothes.

    What to do when your bag is too big?

    No worries, LuggageHero is here to help. With several locations around Boston, conveniently close to all the main tourist attractions, LuggageHero is a quick, safe and easy solution for storing your bags.

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  • Fenway Security

    The Boston Red Sox are committed to creating a safe, enjoyable and welcoming environment for all fans. Our staff is here to proactively assist you to help ensure a positive family experience through the enforcement of our Code of Conduct.

    The Boston Red Sox have a zero tolerance policy with respect to abusive fan behavior and the use of derogatory language or hate speech. Derogatory language is defined as the use of offensive language concerning another person’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or national origin. Use of derogatory language or hate speech by fans will result in immediate action including ejection from the game and up to a lifetime ban from Fenway Park.

    How to Contact Security

    In the event that individuals are interfering with your enjoyment of the game, there are four ways for you to report abusive fan behavior to Red Sox Security during Red Sox games (beginning 2 hours prior to first pitch):

    • Fans can directly contact the nearest uniformed Red Sox employee. These staff members are specifically trained on how to respond to a report of such behavior.
    • Fans may text the word SECURITY followed by a brief message to 23215.
    • Fans may call the security hotline at (617) 226-6411.
    • Fans may use the text to security feature in the Ballpark App.
    Fan Screenings

    Fan safety is a top priority for the Red Sox and Major League Baseball. All fans entering Fenway Park will be subject to screening through the use of metal detectors or, on occasion, a physical search by a trained team member. Fans who are unable or elect not to go through the metal detector will be manually checked with a hand-held metal detector or by a light physical search. All persons, bags, and personal items are subject to physical inspection before entering Fenway Park. Failure to consent to a search will result in denial of entry.

  • Fenway A-Z Questions

    This link is a comprehensive list of answers for almost any question that you may have;


  • Getting To Fenway

    This is great intel on getting to Fenway, and your choices of transportation!

    Public Transit

    MBTA: The T
    MBTA: Commuter Rail
    MBTA: Bus

    Other Methods

    Oversized Vehicles
  • Parking

    When Heidi and I saw Paul McCartney last month, we took the T to Fenway, from JFK Station. It made this experience so much easier.

    I highly recommend you take extra time to research this part of the trip carefully for maximum enjoyment.

    Here’s a link to parking info at Fenway.