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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

People Throw Away About $63 Worth of These 9 Groceries Every Week

Yup, these 9 Things In Your Fridge Are A Waste of Money Because You End Up Trashing Them.

That’s according to SWNS Digital.

Seriously, there’s nothing more annoying then cleaning your fridge and realizing you are simply BURNING money ON BAGGED LETTUCE.

Oh, it all starts out nice enough. You go to Market Basket with the best of intentions.

You make a list, you get to the store, and you fill up your cart with all the things you think you’ll need for the week.

But the road to hell is paved with overripe avocados.

Life happens. You get busy, you go out to eat with friends, or you just plain forget about the groceries.

Before you know it, that beautiful bunch of kale you bought is now a wilted, slimy mess in the back of your fridge.

And let’s talk about fruit for a second.

You see a perfectly ripe, juicy peach at the store and you just can’t resist. You bring it home, take a big bite, and…it’s mealy and tasteless.

Sure, it’s probably a good idea to swear off fruit for the rest of the week, but then you see a basket of strawberries that look too good to pass up.

Rinse and repeat.

The worst part is when you have to clean out your fridge and throw away all the sad, wilted, moldy produce.

You feel like you’re single-handedly contributing to the food waste crisis.

Maybe you try to salvage some things by making a soup or a smoothie, but let’s be real, that’s just a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.

We could all become expert meal planners and only buy exactly what we need. But let’s be real, that’s not as fun as impulse-buying a bag of raspberries and hoping for the best.

Or we could just avoid these 9 Things In Your Fridge That Are A Waste of Money Because You End Up Trashing Them.

  • 9. Meat

    It’s annoying when meat spoils in your fridge because you can’t just cut off the bad parts like you can with a piece of moldy bread, unless you’re into playing Russian roulette with food poisoning. Plus, throwing out a big hunk of meat feels like a tragedy, like the death of a dream, except your dream was a chicken breast.

  • 8. Eggs

    It’s annoying when eggs go bad in your fridge because it’s like they’re playing a game of hide-and-seek and you’re the loser who found them too late. And don’t even get me started on the smell – it’s like the entire house is holding a rotten egg contest.

    People Throw Away About $63 Worth of Groceries Every Week

  • 7. Deli items

    Ugh, it’s the worst when deli meat goes bad in your fridge because you were so excited to make yourself a sandwich, but now the only thing that’s getting sliced is your hopes and dreams. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’ll sniff it multiple times just to confirm that it’s actually gone bad, as if you’re some sort of deli meat detective.

    Deli Meats And Cheeses

  • 6. Avocado

    It’s tragic when avocados go bad because it’s like the universe is telling you that you’re not meant to have nice things. You spent $5 on that damn avocado and now it’s brown and mushy, just like your dreams of having a fancy avocado toast brunch.


    Did you know California invented avocado toast?

  • 5. Bread

    You feel like a failure when bread goes moldy because it’s like you had one job – to eat the bread before it goes bad – and you couldn’t even do that. It’s like the bread is silently judging you from its moldy grave, saying “you couldn’t even handle me, how are you going to handle life?”

    People Throw Away About $63 Worth of Groceries Every Week


  • 4. Apples

    Apples spoil because they’re like the popular kids in high school – they start out all shiny and fresh, but then they get too cool for school and start getting brown spots and wrinkles. And just like high school, they’re only good for a limited time before they start to stink up the place.


  • 3. Milk

    It’s gross when milk spoils because it’s like it’s trying to tell you that you’re not as tough as you thought you were. “You can’t handle a little bit of bacteria? Pathetic,” says the milk as you pour it down the drain, defeated.


    (Photo by Getty Images)

  • 2. Bananas

    It’s disappointing when bananas brown because it’s like they’re playing a game of “how quickly can we make this person regret buying us.” One day they’re yellow and perfect, the next day they’re brown and mushy, just like your hopes and dreams of having a decent breakfast.

    People Throw Away About $63 Worth of Groceries Every Week

  • 1. Lettuce

    If you let lettuce spoil, you’re not just a failure, you’re basically admitting defeat to a vegetable. Lettuce is the easiest thing to take care of – it’s like the houseplant of the food world – and you still managed to mess it up.

    Leafy Greens

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