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The Most Beautiful Sounding Baby Names

Oh Baby! The Most Beautiful Sounding Baby Names According to Science.

Did Your Baby’s Name Make the List?

A list of the most beautiful sounding baby names according to linguistics has hit the internet, which means you’ll be hearing these names a lot. If you haven’t heard them already.

British baby website My 1st Years and Dr. Bodo Winter, Associate Professor of Cognitive Linguistics from the University of Birmingham revealed the most beautiful sounding baby names.

“The science is based on sound symbolism, which is the idea that some words sound better than others based on the resemblance between the sound of a word and its meaning,” according the Winter.

You know what? The absolute BEST way to choose a baby name that’s right for you and your family is to scream it from the top of the stairs, because that is exactly what you’ll be doing for the next 18 years.

I’m just saying. You tend to raise your voice a lot during the parenting years. Those clothes don’t put themselves away, you know.

I named Lucy after the Quinn Cummings character in “The Goodbye Girl”, which my mother took me to in 1970 something. She dismissed me from school to see it and I just loved Lucy and her one-liners. I think I was seven at the time.

(It remains a favorite. I suggest you watch it. Also, don’t sleep on the band Bread’s theme song. CLASSIC.)

There is also other sensory ideas associated with it such as touch and smell.


I like the name Millicent. That’s got a good sound. And NO one is named Millicent! (FUN FACT: It’s Barbie’s middle name!)


The experts analyzed hundreds of baby names from the UK and the United States to discover which were the best.

Names with a strong “E” sound fared better than most.

Here are the top five – first boys and then girls. Is your name on the list? Check it out here:

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