From the people that brought you Massachusetts TOP 50 Slang Words, comes New Hampshire’s TOP 25 Slang Words. 

Here in Massachusetts, you may not even realize it, but you created a language of your own.  You possess a unique trait. We speak like NO one else on earth, if they are not from here.

Some Call It Boston-ese

Our language is so famous, it’s been the inspiration behind countless Saturday Night Live skits. How about those famous Dunkin commercials? Remember Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch? He had to learn all about our wonderful vernacular, and he’s a Yankees fan. But, what about New Hampshire?

New Hampshire-ese

Like, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont, New Hampshire has created it’s own dialect. While our state boasts the backdrop of many TV shows and movies, our neighbors up north had their share of exposure. For example the Robin Williams hit Jumanji, had several scenes shot in many New Hampshire locations. In What About Bob, Dr. Leo Marvin’s (played by Richard Dreyfuss) arch enemy New Hampshire neighbors possessed fantastic New Hampshire dialects!

According to the New Hampshire Historical Society (that’s a real thing) there’s a right and wrong way to speak New Hampshire-ese: 

For example:

Of the New England states, New Hampshire is uniquely allergic to the letter “r.” “It is only in New Hampshire where vocalized /r/ falls to very low levels,” wrote linguist William Labov.

Words don’t end in “r” but in “ah.” “‘New Hampshire” is actually pronounced “N’Hampshah.”  You put your socks in a draw.

What does The Heart Of New England Magazine say?

Our capital city is not Concord, but rather Concord (KON-k’d).  The country I
live in is Americar — it lies to the north of Cubar. Our southern most state in the
continental US is, of course, Floridar. This “ar”  by the way, is pronounced as if
written “er”.  

New Hampshire’s TOP 25 Slang Words are here. Let’s see if they sound familiar. Thanks to

  • Ayuh


    Image by Getty Images

    This could mean a variety of things. Agreement, mainly. Sometimes, surprise.

  • Wicked


    Image by Getty Images

    Wait one minute!!! They stole that from us!

    The N.H. meaning is similar to the Mass-hole meaning.

    If you want to enhance a thought, it opens with wicked.

    Add the word pissa, you have experienced something wonderful.

  • Whippersnapper


    Image by Getty Images

    This refers to someone young. Dr. Seth Hazlitt on Murder She Wrote would say this a lot.

  • Ragged Mountain


    Image by Getty Images

    This refers to something dangerous. “tonight’s pahty is gonna be a ragged mountain!” 

  • Lobstah


    Image by Getty Images

    No explanation needed! BUT, in N.H., this could refer to a sweet lady. “She’s a real New England lobstah.” 

  • Frost Heaves

    Image by Getty Images

    This refers to the BEFORE of the famous New England pot hole. They wicked suck

  • Granite Stater

    Image by Getty Images

    Only used in New Hampshire! Refers to someone who is from there.

  • Dabber

    Image by Getty Images

    This refers to someone who is very chill, and does not take life TOO seriously.

  • Wrong Road


    Image by Getty Images

    Used to say, your thoughts or actions are headed in the wrong direction.

  • Fryolator


    Image by Getty Images

    What you use to fry your turkey for Thanksgiving

  • Rye And Pumpkin Pie

    Image by Getty Images

    In New Hampshire when you hear this, you are friendly and open minded

  • Mud Season

    Image by Getty Images

    Every Spring in New Hampshire! Wicked pissa if you have a Jeep.

  • Moxie

    Image by Getty Images

    You are bold and determined. Used a lot in Murder She Wrote: Mrs. Fletcher, you have MOXIE!


  • Packed


    I have never heard this word used to refer to COLD weather. In New Hampshire, when it’s cold, it’s packed.

  • Chewy


    Images by Getty Images

    If it taste’s good, it’s chewy!

  • Cabin Fever

    cabin fever

    Images by Getty Images

    Feeling trapped or confined. Famous one. The pandemic gave cabin fever, and an extra 20 pounds.

  • Tonne O’Fun

    Images by Getty Images

    Refers to having a wicked pissa good time

  • Concrete Apple

    Images by Getty Images

    A large concrete road sign warning of a sharp turn ahead

  • Ye Olde


    Images by Getty Images

    The prefix of every wonderful tavern. It means, been around a long time.

  • You Don’t Say


    Images by Getty Images

    New Hampshire-ese for everyone knows that…..

    In other words, isn’t that obvious..?


  • Foggy

    Images by Getty Images

    When it’s not clear in our head, or we don’t understand….

  • Ya Ya

    Images by Getty Images

    When we are in agreement, we say this….

    According to

    This New Hampshire phrase is used to express agreement or affirmation, and it comes from the French expression “oui oui,” which literally translates to “yes, yes.”

  • Down Cellar

    Image by Getty Images

    This refers to going down into the basement. Although, I think there is no R after cella, for somethin chewy. You don’t say?

  • Bubbler

    Image by Getty Images

    We got this. To us Mass-holes, it’s bubblah..

    If you’re from an other planet, it’s a water fountain.

  • Grind

    Image by Getty Images

    This refers to hard work. It’s a grind finding all of these words. 

    For Massachusetts TOP 50 Slang Words..

    Massachusetts TOP 50 Slang Words

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